SUXCOM Speaks Out Against Lying Parents

North Pole, Alaska — SUXCOM has announced that it will oppose the myth of Santa Claus this Christmas. The announcement officially deemed Santa Claus a menace to the society. SUXCOM insists that parents must stop lying to their children immediately about Santa.

SUXCOM believes that telling young children that Santa Claus is “real” is as damaging to young minds as telling children that the monsters they believe are living under their beds are also real. Believing in reality is one of the cornerstones in the foundation of SUXCOM, and in the spirit of reality, SUXCOM has opposed Santa.

“As funny as it may be to tell your children there is a fat bearded man who invades their homes once a year to eat cookies, drink milk, and leave presents for the good girls and boys, this story is as big of a lie as telling your children that coconuts are bear eggs.” Said an Authorized Representative of SUXCOM LLC. “SUXCOM is against all lies, big or small. SUXCOM is against lying for fun, but SUXCOM remains a huge proponent of fun. Everything SUXCOM does is fun, but we do not have fun at the expense of others.” He added.

The fact that Santa Claus makes a mockery of religion and may be offensive to religious persons is one of the motives behind this stance. SUXCOM illustrates comparisons to other religions to suggest that the idea of Santa Claus could be nefarious enough to start wars. SUXCOM suggests that if such a mockery of other religions were to occur, serious problems could arise that could become hard to curtail in the years to come.

All responsible governments should address this issue and handle it properly. Young minds pick up things easily, and the concept of Santa, based upon lies, is manipulating the minds of children. According to SUXCOM, the concept of Santa gives birth to a radicalization of young minds. Santa is less of a story and more of a lie that parents tell their children to make them behave.

“Santa Claus inspires creativity. I wouldn’t want to live in a world without Santa Claus.” said Pierce Alexander Lilholt, the CEO of Universal Language Productions LLC while opposing SUXCOM. Religious and scientific communities have supported this Anti-Santa Movement by SUXCOM whereas parents, children and businesses have opposed this stance because of their vested interests in Santa. Some have termed it as a move to ruin Christmas whereas those who support the truth stand with SUXCOM in changing the perceptions that are built on centuries of lies and deception.


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