Locksmith Plus, Inc. Advices Residents to Be Safe This Holiday Season

Professionally licensed locksmiths available 24/7 for vehicle, home lockouts

EUGENE, OR – December 13, 2016The holiday season is a prime time for thieves to help themselves to your Christmas gifts. With the hustle of preparing for the holidays, it’s also an unfortunate but not uncommon time to lock yourself out of your car or house.

Eugene’s 24/7 locksmith service Locksmith Plus, Inc. encourages residents to be safe and secure this holiday season as they shop for gifts and visit friends and family. The company’s professional, guaranteed locksmiths are ready to answer your call if you need help.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are supposed to be all about celebrating with your loved ones and taking the time to rest and enjoy. The catch is you’ve got to get everything ready for this joyful season. For many that means trips to grocery stores, department stores, bakeries and more. It’s easy to be so rushed and stressed that you forget to lock your doors.

That’s what thieves are counting on, so don’t give them the chance. Make sure to lock your car doors and, if you have a car alarm, use it. Many police departments in central Oregon and elsewhere will tell you that they see an increase in thefts from cars during the holidays. With everyone rushing around, it’s easy pickings for an opportunistic thief to grab your gift stash and run.

When possible, you also want to park in a highly visible area that is also well-lit if it is dark. Make sure to keep your car keys and wallet with you at all times so you don’t tempt thieves to seize the opportunity and help themselves to your gifts, your credit cards and cash or, even worse, your vehicle.

The stress of the holidays can also make you so stressed and forgetful as you’re running around that you accidentally lock your keys in your car. Don’t be embarrassed if it happens to you. You’re certainly not alone. Locksmith Plus, Inc. and other locksmiths report an increased number of lockout calls during the holiday.

If you need a locksmith to open your vehicle door, you want a professional locksmith who is trained to handle any locks including advanced locking systems like car ignition systems, transponders and remote keys. An expert locksmith can get you into your vehicle without damaging it.

Locksmith Plus, Inc. has recently expanded into Eugene. All of Locksmith Plus’s automotive technicians are fully certified, bonded and licensed. Services provided include replacing car keys, popping a lock, unlocking a car, rekeying automotive door locks and repairing and replacing ignitions.

Locksmith Plus, Inc. technicians are also trained to respond to your home and business needs. They are available around the clock.

For more information about Eugene’s Locksmith Plus, Inc., visit http://locksmithplusinc.com/eugene-or or call 541-203-4441.


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