Highly Sought After Personal Development Trainer And Self Improvement Expert Launches Website Offering Teachings And Wisdom

December 14, 2016 — Most people are searching for happiness, a more fulfilling life, or help in one or more aspects of their lives.  Men and women are constantly looking for an advantage in business and their personal life to accelerate them on the path to success.  One of the most reclusive yet highly sought after personal development trainer and self-improvement expert, Jon Anxin, proudly announces the launch of his new informative and empowering website, www.jonanxin.com.  At his website, Anxin focuses on the highest leverage points of self-help and personal development including the subjects of leadership, meditation, fighting and strategy.

With over twenty years learning from and studying with Asian masters in areas of strategic thinking, meditation, leadership, and martial arts, Anxin is now making the best of these masters’ works available to men who desire a change for the better and empowerment to achieve all that they desire.

Anxin’s The Art of War program provides easily understood philosophy and training so that anyone can master the art of strategic thinking and mental warfare.  Through the program, students will discover the secret traits of leadership and command, learn how to assess the terrain and deftly respond to it, learn how to effectively train people, be able to formulate achievable goals and effective strategies, evaluate strategies to determine the probability of success, and learn how to measure progress in order to make adjustments for assured success.

Known as the One Man Gang of Media, Anxin is a popular and trusted media personality regularly appearing on television and radio, in the press, and digital media.  Anxin is a best-selling author and translator of market-defining books on the topics of leadership, martial arts, strategy and meditation.  His powerful books include:

  • Mastering The Four Elements – a beautiful synthesis of Eastern and Western philosophies grounded in realism and pragmatism, the book describes the philosophy of Eastern fighting, leadership, strategy and meditation with simple ways to apply this wisdom to a modern Western life
  • Anthology of Thick Black Theory – the collected works of Li Zongwu, this is an honest translation of a unique work on the cultivation of power and effectiveness with the context and instruction for positive application in today’s lives
  • White Lotus Revolution – the first and only translation of The Bailian Jings, also known as the Scriptures of the White Lotus Society; works that have been banned and suppressed for eight hundred years that offer a higher understanding of the White Lotus Society, Taoism, Buddhism and more

For men ranging from young adults to those in the prime of their career and beyond, Jon Anxin offers insightful, effective and powerful training for personal development, self-improvement, and improved happiness.  Whether for accelerated success in business, a more productive career, or a happier family life, everyone can benefit from Anxin’s expertise and training.

To learn more about Jon Anxin, preview The Art of War program, or read reviews on his compelling books, please visit http://www.jonanxin.com/.

About Jon Anxin

Jon Anxin is dedicated to helping people around the world gain greater clarity of purpose, focus and direction, leading to an effective and quantifiable transformation in the physical, social, spiritual and business aspects of their lives.  Anxin has spent over twenty years studying and training with the greatest masters of strategic thinking, meditation, leadership and martial arts throughout Asia.

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