Money RX: A Masterpiece by Joseph Newtz

Breaking Down Complicated Financial Topics into Simple, Actionable & Manageable Concepts

“Money RX by Joseph Newtz provides a font of wisdom from a humble advisor.”

~Editor – Self-Publishing Review

December 14, 2016:Joseph Newtz has announced the release of his new book titled ‘Money RX: Your Prescription for Financial Success’. The book is about financial management that breaks down complex issues of financial management into elements that are much easier to understand. It is straightforward and refreshingly honest and has a different tone than other books touting financial advice.

The conversational nature of the writing represents Joseph Newtz as a regular guy with a genuine desire to help other people. Newtz explains the landscape of the financial industry and how financial institutions do business. He goes on to explain the basis of a sound financial plan and outlines the steps to reach your financial goals. His personal examples peppered throughout the text make these basic rules seem more relevant and impactful.

The book is packed with subtle advice and personal accounts from the author’s own experience and he describes complex and advanced strategies that readers should familiarize themselves with, after getting past the basics. The explanations are simplified and expressed in easy-to-understand terms. The author simply strips away all but the essentials for an average reader looking for sound advice.

“We can all become wealthier by getting smarter about money” said Newtz, while talking about this book. He has spent three successful decades in the financial services industry and knows a great deal about the inner-workings of the financial industry. The flow of the information is very intuitive, and the book is organized perfectly for a beginner who wants to start fresh and work slowly towards more expert approaches. This is an ideal primer for those who want to manage their money more effectively.

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