Singaporean Parenting Coach And Workshop Leader, Moses Wong, Hits Amazon Best Seller List With His New Book “From Trial to Triumph”

From Trial to Triumph: A Personal Account of a Father’s Heart in Caring for His Medically-Challenged Child, by Moses Wong garnered two best seller spots in the Christian Living categories the day of the official release on Amazon.
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Wong, a parenting coach and workshop leader with programs pre-approved by the Ministry of Social and Family Development in Singapore, shares his inspirational personal story as a Christian father in his first book, “From Trial to Triumph”. When Wong’s infant daughter is diagnosed with a life-threatening congenital illness, his faith, hope, and role as both a father and husband were challenged on every side. Many have been touched by Wong’s personal journey.

The book is Wong’s story of walking through the darkness, uncertainty, and even despair to find renewed hope, love, and compassion for others experiencing life’s difficulties and circumstances that are many times outside our control. Its mission is to help others be open and transparent toward God about life challenges, be sensitive to others facing similar challenges, and be mindful that God is a caring and compassionate Father, regardless of our circumstances

The timing of the book’s release is significant, as many during the holidays find themselves facing difficult times and looking for a message of hope and inspiration.

When asked why he wrote the book, Wong responds, “It is my firm belief that nothing happens in our lives by coincidences. When God allows challenges in our lives, He wants us to learn special lessons from Him. Initially when I was told that my baby girl, Ariel, has a congenital liver problem, it was heart-breaking for me. Yet I knew I must learn to be strong for God and my family. During my stay in the hospital with Ariel, I witnessed a husband walk out of his marriage because he couldn’t handle his child’s sickness. I have seen a child patient receiving care solely from his family’s maid, with his parents nowhere to be found.

“Honestly, while I walked through this dark tunnel, I didn’t know how and when this suffering for both Ariel and our family would end. Though I may not know what tomorrow may hold for me, I know who holds my future. It is my sincere prayer and desire that my personal journey of caring for my medically-challenged baby will serve as an encouragement and hope for all parents with challenged kids. I want my tears, journey, and experiences to help others and not go to waste. I want my life to communicate one simple truth to all parents—no matter what happens to your child or how challenging your situation may be, as parents, we will never, never give up on our children. If we don’t care for our children, who will?”

Vital support for publishing the book came from Wong’s Christian community in Singapore. Sponsors and endorsers include ministers, senior pastors, and founding faculty of the East Asia School of Theology. Friends, family, and colleagues also provided spiritual support and encouragement to bring the book to reality.

Wong’s book, “From Trial to Triumph: A Personal Account of a Father’s Heart in Caring for His Medically-Challenged Child” is available on Amazon. 

About Moses Wong and Journey With U Pte Ltd

While Moses Wong graduated with a second class honors degree in Civil Engineering from the National University of Singapore, he served for 16 years in various capacities within Singapore Campus Crusade for Christ (now known as Cru Singapore) because of his passion to create a positive influence among the youth.

Based on his great love for God and His people, he pursued a double Masters, a Masters of Arts in Pastoral Counselling and a Masters of Divinity with East Asia School of Theology.

Wong is the Managing Director of Journey With U Pte Ltd, an organization that is dedicated to journeying with parents with challenged kids. This organization was birthed by his deep desire to share the message of hope and love with parents after his three years of ‘hell’ with his third daughter, Ariel who was suffering from a terminal liver disease.

A highly sought-after family life educator whose programs are pre-approved by the Ministry of Social and Family Development for funding, he has spoken to thousands of parents at different schools throughout Singapore.

He is also a co-founder of a Fintech company whose mission is to empower ordinary people to achieve quality lifestyles by generating consistent passive income.

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