Award-winning designer Jacqueline Monique’s unique swear-word adult coloring book making waves over Amazon

Award-winning designer Jacqueline Monique’s twisted swear-word coloring book on Amazon shows the coolest way to vent out stress. It comes with innovative bleed blockers.

Philadelphia, PA, December 14, 2016: All those about to join the adult coloring bandwagon, here is something exclusive this holiday season! Award-winning designer and author Jacqueline Monique has come up with her exclusive swear-word adult coloring book F**k This I’m Coloring that promises absolute cathartic relief with its slang-stuffed fun coloring pages. Bustling with a stellar 4.9 star rating and happy testimonials, the new-age book is making waves all over Amazon.

Published in August this year, F**k This I’m Coloring debuted as #1 New Release in its category on Amazon.


“While coloring pretty forests and unicorns helps to manage stress but at times only the profanity-filled gorgeous coloring book is all that you need to vent out all your mounted pressure. Monique’s illustrations are simply beautiful and it’s hilarious how she has juxtaposed raunchy words against delicate, beautiful line art”, reads one review from a happy customer who has awarded 5 on 5 star to the book.

“The book has helped me with some of the best stress busters after long! It helps me to blow off my steam after a tedious day… definitely the best fun stuff I have bought from Amazon of late”, Dras was another content customer.

“Swear words are cathartic and that’s what this book is all about. We all find ourselves in positions where we wish to speak out loud in moments of insane frustration yet can’t, given our social manners. But pent up angst abets stress and altogether make our lives utterly miserable. However, you no longer need to burden yourself with pent-up frustration and now you can easily release all your pressure through hours of great swearing & coloring on my new book. Packed with humor, fun, defiance, meditative qualities & striking illustrations, F**k This I’m Coloring, it’s going to be a new unique experience for all those eager to join the adult coloring bandwagon. I am really excited the way Amazon customers have found the huge stress-relief with my book”, stated Jacqueline while speaking on her first book.

Jacqueline found the inspiration for the book from her one sudden argument with a friend. Unable to vent out her angst loud, she created fun illustrations with swear words. It was a great stress-buster for her and worked equally well with her colleagues when they were upset and wanted to cool off. Given the rising popularity of her unique swear-word illustrations, Monique realized she was onto something really special and thus she came up with ‘F**k This I’m Coloring’.

The coolest bit about the book is its innovative “bleed blockers” that will prevent a great degree of ink transfer on color pages when colorists are using pens and markers for coloring. Another interesting feature of the book is its quirky “dirty talk” templates that don an edgy doodling section where users can bring life to their own fun dirty doodles to unwind & alleviate stress.

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