Lucky $5 Bargains …A New Concept in Bargain Shopping

ST LOUIS, MO – 12/14/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Bargain stores are beginning to dominate the retail market. The upside to these discount stores is the low prices. The downside is a lot of the merchandise is no name or items that are worth the discount price. This is where Lucky $5 Bargains is different. The concept of this new store, located at 11433 Gravois St. Louis Mo. 62126, is to offer their shopper merchandise that ranges in retail value from $5.00 to $50.00 or more.

This is how it works. A truckload of merchandise is purchased consisting of major retailer shelf pulls and returns. All of the merchandise is placed into large bins. On the first day the merchandise arrives everything is sold for $5.00. The second day 2 items for $5.00, the third 3 items for $5.00, the fourth 5 items for $5.00, the fifth day 10 items for $5.00 and the 6th day a new truckload arrives. 

The shopper gets two major benefits, the quality items purchased for bargain prices and the merchandise changes every 5 days. Repeat shoppers know to be there the first day the truckload arrives to have the best pick of merchandise. The game begins on that first day to find their lucky item and continues until the whole process begins again. Shoppers become hooked on the thrill of the chase and the reward of getting a high priced item at a bargain price. 

Customers purchase items for themselves and to resell on Ebay, Amazon or one of the local marketplace venues. You can’t go wrong because the price is affordable! The website, has a calendar that keeps the shoppers updated on which day the truckload will be arriving. A great concept for the thrifty shopper!

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