Convertifire: A Spy Software investigating several Aspects like Heatmaps, Survey, Clickmaps, etc to find the Behaviors of User’s Customers and Visitors


Convertifire is all-in-one software that works as a spy and to gather behaviors from visitors and clients. This software can be used for several aspects, including heatmaps, scollmaps, clickmaps, funnels, survey from analysis. If marketers can accurately guess what their customers want, then they can quickly improve their conversion rate and sales rates.

Convertifire is a next-gen tool that can help you increase your sale figure thanks to:

–          It comes with X-Ray tools such as Heatmaps with four different modes.

–          CCTV Recordings, which you can spy legally on your visitors.

–           You can easily find what your visitors are thinking with surveys and polls.

–          You don’t need to depend on Guesswork, Best Practice and Hope marketing ever again

Convertifire software offers robust solutions. This feedback tool is so powerful and easy to use that no other tool is as perfect as this. The software is loaded with newly updated features that allow the beginners to upgrade profitable campaign setup in just a few minutes. It allows the experienced users to optimize their testing and increase their analyzing effortlessly. You just need to log in and you are ready to use the platform, including optimized press, clickfunnels, instabuilder, and more.

Recording:  It delivers careful analysis about your visitors and shows from which browser your visitors came from, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and Edge, etc.  It also records the devices that they use, including laptop, Smartphone, Tablet, and Desktop.

Scollmaps and Clickmaps: This feature shows you how your clients and visitors are interacting with your website by counting clicks. It also shows the position of the clicks and also finds mouse movements. It uses different colors to show the visitors who are visiting the website from various countries.

Heatmaps: This feature finds how long the visitor stayed and on the page based on the heat generated and this movement associated with the visitor’s eye movement.  Different colors represent different thickness. The red color attracts more visitors than the blue.

–          Confetti Heatmaps

–          Click Heatmaps

–          Scroll Heatmaps

–          Element Heatmaps

–          Eye-Movement Heatmaps

Conversion Funnels: This feature increasesand identified by testing where exactly the funnel visitors are reducing.

–          Setup limitless steps

–          Watch reducing recordings

–          Compare old vs. new funnels

 Analysis: Through analysis, you can increase completion and conversions rates on sign up forms and help you find which niches are not working well.

–          Anticipate field and form engagement

–          Recognize problematic fields

–          Check drop-offs and assent stats

Feedback Polls: This can help users find the reasons behind your customer’s behavior with polls that are related to particular types of users recording sessions.

–          Get your visitors feedback directly from your website

–          Visualize results and feedback

–          Numerous question, including NPs

–          Customizable widget

Get Convertifire today and get special bonuses offers that are available for limited period only. Just one click, you can claim these bonuses for yourself and also can get access to free video series, coupon codes and value packed PDFs go along with Convertifire. 

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