CLESIGN Flagbearing The Green Revolution With Cool Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

CLESIGN is taking active steps towards a greener planet in the midst of mindless environmental destruction today with its all-natural eco-friendly non-toxic innovative yoga mats. It will plant a tree for every 2 mats sold.

Hong Kong, December 14, 2016: With humans mindlessly draining our planet of natural resources, the future of Mother Earth is at serious stake now. A humungous catastrophe is not afar if sustainable steps are not taken on time. But here is something hopeful, upholding the “green” spirit, Taiwan-based CLESIGN speaks of an environmentally sustainable future with its innovative eco-friendly au-natural yoga mats.

Interestingly, these futuristic yoga mats show 70 percent higher life expectancy compared to regular counterparts in the market today.  CLESIGN produces all its natural yoga mats in its own factory and the product is only released after a successful testing with multiple professional yoga instructors.

“CLESIGN is all about loving our nature and supporting sustainability and the same philosophy is echoed through our ecofriendly yoga mats. It is a 100 percent natural sustainable mat that is brought after years of research to ensure a greener alternative to other regular yoga markets that you see today. Unlike the other sport equipments which are made from resources violently sourced from the environment, our yoga mat is manufactured and designed with due regard to our planet. It speaks of non-toxic all-natural composition and is perfectly compatible with the RoHS environmental standards. And, yes, it will last way longer than all other cheap yoga mats around”, stated Charlotte Lin, the lady behind CLESIGN.

The CLESIGN yoga mats are manufactured from natural rubber and cork, sourced from Southern Italy, Portugal and Morocco. Thanks to its PVC-free PU composition, the users will have a safe non-toxic mat which is not always the case with the other similar options in the market. The innovative mat also speaks of great antimicrobial properties as the cork in it can naturally kill the menacing bacteria & mold. It’s waterproof and unlike the regular yoga mats, the CLESIGN mat can be easily washed in machines. The CLESIGN mat is also free from the usual nasty odor found in typical yoga mats.

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“The inspiration behind our au-natural yoga mat originated around 4 decades back from my grandparents’ garden in Pingtung. The garden boasted millions of trees but all were pesticide-free and it is from there I developed my fillip for environmental protection which has duly transcended to CLESIGN. When we initially started with our yoga, we scoured the market for an eco-friendly solution but failed everytime. That was when we decided to come up with our own green yoga mats.”

CLESIGN believes in giving back to the environment. The company plants 1 tree for each two CLESIGN mats sold. Moreover, 1 palm tree is planted in Morocco on every 10 eco-polyurethane CLESIGN Mats sold.

“It needs our collective effort to save the Mother Earth. CLESIGN yoga mats will enable you to do your bit in assuring the much needed environmentally sustainable steps today so that we can have a greener healthier and safer future ahead.”

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