Geckored’s New Wine Tote Makes Transporting Wine Easy

Comes With Many Added Compartments and Makes For a Great Gift

December 15, 2016Geckored has been selling a variety of bar-related gift and tools for some time. the company has released a new product called the Geckored Wine Tote Cooler that blends in perfectly with the many other products the company has to offer.

This is a new cooling bag that is designed for wine bottles and wine bladders among other things. It makes it easy for people to take wine with them to any place.

The product works with a simple setup. Included are two 3 liter food grade bladders that the user fills with their favourite beverage then installs the bladder into the cooler. If the user prefers they can insert 3 to 4 regular-sized bottles of wine up to 31cm in height instead.

They are disposable so it should be easy to replace them with new ones from other providers if necessary.

The wine/cocktail or any other cold beverage is added by pouring the contents into the hole at the bottom of the bladder, where the spout would go. Once filled the spout is then clicked into place sealing the bladder.

You can also purchase a Bag in the Box wine cask and remove it from the tacky box and insert it directly into the Wine Tote.

The spout will fit snuggly though the hole at the botton of the wine tote giving the user easy access to their preferred drink while been very discreet.

 The user can then trigger the spout on the wine tote to grab a glass of their favourite social lubricant while on the go. This works well for all types of wine and any other beverage as it offers a smooth pour that is easy to handle.

The neoprene body of this wine tote cooler keeps the wine chilled. It ensures that the same temperature will be kept intact for a while. The added insulation liner especially keeps the cooler protected for a longer period of time.

This wine tote can also carry a few glasses. Two unbreakable poly carbon wine glasses are included with this product. These glasses fit directly into the cooler pouch without the user having to worry about the risk of cracking or breaking a glass while out and about.

The wine tote comes with in black and red. It blends in well with any environment. More importantly, it keeps drinks hidden. It even comes with a bottle opener for anyone that prefers the more traditional bottle wine tote and has corked wine bottles to open.

The Geckored Wine Tote Cooler is designed to make it easier for people to conceal their favorite drinks and be able to travel with their favourote tibble discreetly. Very simple ot set up and is easy to carry slung over your shoulder and it is extremely comfortable due to been made from soft neoprene. It comes in full retail packaging so would make a great as a gift for any wine lover.

About the Company: Geckored is a manufacturer and developer of various wine and bar items. The company makes openers, tote bags and many other key wine products. It also supports custom branding of products.

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