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In modern business automation of various processes have become commonplace. Many business leaders recognize the need to invest not only in marketing and advertising, but also in the development of equipment sales . In this case the relationship with customers, at least in the medium and small business, often conducted without the introduction of automation and enough attention to the account. Using modern SugarCRM Hubspot system allows customers to significantly improve the efficiency and transparency of the sales department, which primarily affects the company’s financial results.

Automation of marketing activities deeply interact with potential customers, and can initiate the process of converting potential customers into real. Thus, the marketing activity management system seamlessly intersect with customer relationship management. However, before talking about the intersection, you need to determine what are the differences between the two systems.

The first significant difference is in the level of business processes: marketing automation system is focused on managing and attracting potential customers, the end product of this process is the generation of demand and awareness among customers. On the other hand, sales force automation begins at the outlet of the process automation of marketing activities: well-prepared and properly processed potential customers are ready to talk about the purchase or sale.

Thus, the first and most important moment of confusion between the two systems occurs when people think of the word “sales” and “marketing” are interchangeable. Of course, Marketing provides sales, but these two events should be optimized as separate, are closely related to each other business processes.

The second significant difference is the level of “willingness to negotiate.” marketing automation system works with an audience or community, represented by the target market. Initially, these people are not interested in your products, even if they know about your company. They are not potential customers – they just “names” with an email address or phone number. Even if they have already provided some information as part of the registration cycle, you do not know much about them or about the level of their interest. The main task of marketing automation system is to create awareness among the “names”, a process that can take several months. Ultimately, the “name” becomes a potential customer. There is a second point, combining the two systems – a potential customer is ready to answer your call or make a purchase or sale.

SugarCRMHubspot helps automate marketing tasks more than 10,000 customers in 56 countries. The system focuses on attracting visitors to your website, convert them to contacts and opportunities, and then in successful deal. .. SugarCRM Hubspot is, in fact, an integrated marketing platform that allows you to automate your inbound marketing, including tasks such as blogging, publishing to social networks, web page creation, SEO, etc.

SugarCRM Hubspot – the perfect solution for organizing information and sales tracking. Marketers also want to control the process of nurturing leads, ranging from attracting new leads, manage the buying cycle and ending with the final online sales funnel tactics, such as the assessment of the product. That is why the integration of SugarCRM Hubspot and marketing automation systems – a step to the success of any business, whether a small agency or a large enterprise. Below are the benefits that accrue to business when integrating SugarCRM Hubspot and marketing automation systems:

Reliable data sync that allow people to get the exact marketing reports; It allows to HubSpot and SugarCRM odnovremenoo monitor and update your clients to learn; It helps determine the best marketing strategy and increase sales.

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