DJ Scott Fijolek, Wedding Producer and Interactive DJ/MC Reveals What It Takes For A Smooth Unforgettable and Fun Wedding Reception or Special Event On Business Innovators Radio

Wedding Producer and Interactive DJ/MC, Scott Fijolek, was the featured guest on Business Innovators Radio with host Mark Imperial talking about what it takes for a smooth, unforgettable, and fun wedding reception

On a recent episode of Business Innovators Radio with Mark Imperial, Scott Fijolek, Wedding Producer and Interactive DJ/MC, discussed the elements of a smooth, unforgettable, and fun wedding reception.

According to Fijolek, there is a lot to consider when hiring a DJ, in addition to the investment.

Fijolek revealed the types of mistakes people often make by saying there are “Clients that just want to know a price for my service. Not wanting to know what I do for that price that other DJs don’t do and what comes with that price? How many hours come with that price? My experience, reputation, professionalism, quality, reliability, or if I have a back-up DJ? Do I offer a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee? Am I Certified? Insured? What type of DJ I am? (If I’m a basic DJ, an ‘Interactive DJ’, Master of Ceremonies or ‘MC’), if I offer before &/or day of coordination…and so on. DJs that ‘just give out a price’ are doing what we call ‘Cookie-Cutter Weddings’ where it’s the same thing at every wedding but with just a different bride and groom.”

When host Mark Imperial asked what are some of the most common fears people have about hiring a DJ/MC for their wedding or special event, Fijolek answered, “Mark, you cannot imagine how many calls I receive from Brides and Event Planners in a complete panic calling me about every other week to ask me if I know any available DJs to DJ their wedding or event because the DJ they hired, most likely a low budget DJ or friend of the family, cancelled on them at the last minute because they were injured, got sick, in an accident, had a death in the family…and didn’t have a backup DJ; I heard that DJs charge a low price, then when they find a higher paying client — they cancel on the1st client; or their equipment broke down and they didn’t have backup equipment; they were working as a part time DJ and went out of business; did not have a business license; was not certified; was not insured…I’ve heard it all, Mark.”

During the interview, Fijolek shared some of the little known pitfalls or common mistakes that are made when hiring a DJ for a wedding or special event, explaining, “When you save money by hiring a cheap DJ, low budget DJ, friend of the family DJ, or just hooking up an iPad or Laptop… I’m sure you’ve heard it said “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR” and “A DJ CAN MAKE OR BREAK AN EVENT”. I’ve heard that the consequences can include: The DJ cancelling on the client at the last minute; or the DJ got drunk at their event, was obnoxious, cheesy; perhaps no one danced, or they were playing inappropriate music, had messy looking equipment…were way too loud so all the older people left because they couldn’t even hold a conversation with family they hadn’t seen in years, or maybe they make the guests feel uncomfortable (ex: pulling them out of their chairs to participate or wearing silly costumes), the guests spent the whole time on their smartphones because they were uninterested, and then left right after they ate because they were bored…”

DJ Scott Fijolek is a Wedding Producer, Interactive DJ/MC (and also a Trivia Game Show host) for weddings, work parties, holiday parties and more.

The interview concluded with Fijolek saying, “Mark, at the end of a wedding that I did a couple weeks ago, a father came up to me and said he was the one that paid for my service, and when he was originally approached and told what my cost was he was very concerned because there were Cheap DJs out there, but his daughter kept insisting that she wanted me as her Wedding Producer & DJ, so he sent me a check. He went on to say that now that the wedding has come to an end, and he has seen ALL that I did to make his daughter’s wedding a complete success and exactly the way she wanted it, and extremely fun and entertaining for all of their friends and family, and as he sees how extremely happy I made his daughter (as he had a tear in his eye) he said that he is extremely confident that I was not only worth every penny and much more, but that I was the reason the wedding was a complete success…I also have hundreds and hundreds of five-star reviews all over every social media site with extremely happy customers”. For example…

“Wow! Having DJ Scott at our wedding was amazing. I was unsure if our families would dance, but he got everyone on the dance floor dancing and everyone had SO much fun. Even though we had a wedding planner, Scott was doing everything for us! Scott listened to our needs and met them. . .” – Anna and Chase Givens

“Upon meeting Scott for the first time he immediately put me at ease with his manner and his ability to convey trust. His sense of timing kept the guests entertained and engaged. The feed back from all the guests was unanimous…they all loved the DJ. I have heard stories about other DJ’s and the complaints were numerous. DJ Scott is a true professional with very reasonable rates. . . . “- Dori Swokowski, Mother of the Bride

“DJ Scott is the difference between having a good time vs having the best night of your life. I was very stressed and OCD but Scott helped to calm me by always being on top of everything all day long. . . ” – Lavette and Gary Cole

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