Alejandra Olivera launches her new book “Here be Dragons” on Amazon

Author Alejandra Olivera has announced the release of her new book titled “Here be dragons”. The phrase “Here be dragons” is basically inspired from a Roman phrase, created by Roman cartographers placedin the navigational charts. It was originally created to warn the sailors of the unknown or dangerous locations, where the sea monsters were believed to exist.

The book has received a good head start on Amazon. “This is a story at once intimate and sweeping, appealing on many levels. I found it appealing both for its extraordinary range, exposing the reader to multiple fascinating worlds, and for its intimate perspectives on the characters’ daily concerns. You feel that you can understand them at the same time that you are curious about their secrets. In her ability to make you curious about the answers to questions that the characters are searching for themselves, Olivera demonstrates an unusual ability to absorb us in adventure proceeds in multiple dimensions. This is a deeply satisfying psychological exploration”, says user Paul Debary.

The story of the novel is based in Japanese culture and said to be as a kaleidoscope of intertwining sagas and life stories.  The characters are connected to each other in certain ways and the reader gets a glimpse into the human relationships in the rich culture of Japan. The story also creates an aura of suspense for the reader as the secrets are revealed gradually. The characters are drawn by the zeal of their inner search and that what lies beyond the horizon, as they discover the hidden dragons within them.”Deeply magical, this novel grapples with the pain and upheaval of a reality marked by the encounters and missed encounters that dominate everyday life, reads the back cover of the book. The story is promised to captivate the hearts of the reader and leave them wanting for more.

About Author- Alejandra Olivera has made her literary debut through this book. Apart from being a writer, she’s a clinical psychologist, musician, artist and explorer. She has lived in many countries including London, Argentina, Rome and the Amazon while she’s currently sharing her time in New York and Japan.

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