A Passionate Bid to Help the Kayapo People and their Jungle

The lifestyle and well-being of the Kayapo people is in danger, and extensive financial assistance is required to prevent the eventual destruction. The tribe, which resides in the Amazon Jungle, has thrived for generations in peace. However, thirty years ago, the modern world started to encroach on the natural land. Over the last few years, they have faced numerous threats to their culture as well as to the well-being of the forest, which is critical to the global ecosystem.

The plea to contribute funds for this indigenous tribe was started by a passionate Oz Arie Fresh -Jagua Temporary tattoo company owner.The campaign is born from an experience with the lifestyle of the Kayapo which changed Ozattitude and thoughts towards body painting. Ozstory begins in Florida where the artist decided to attempt creating temporary tattoos with the Jagua fruit from the Amazon Jungle. The medium provided a safe way for clients to get beautiful and realistic tattoos.

After discovering the potential of the Jagua, the artist desired to pursue its history. Through this search, he found out about the Amazon tribe and how they beautified their bodies with diverse ornaments as well as striking tattoos born from the same fruit. Later on, Oz met a photographer, Alice Kohler, who had worked in the Amazon Jungle and been among the Kayapo. Alice had a charity organization for the tribe, and this piqued the interest of the Floridian. Since then, she has grown in knowledge and even had the opportunity to directly interact with the Kayapo in the Jungle.

The campaign to help the Kayapo people is intended to limit the threats of destruction. With loggers, builder and ranchers setting their eyes on their land, they can no longer live peacefully. The Brazilian law has granted ownership of the land to the tribe, but this has not stopped deforestation and other threats. These issues do not only undermine the rights of the Kayapo people; they also put the actual jungle in danger, presenting a problem with regard to environmental impact.

The funds raised for the Kayapo campaign are set to directly improve and protect the people and the Amazon Jungle. Through this monetary assistance, they will mark the boundaries of their home in order to create better defenses. They will also have access to better agricultural and renewable power resources. In addition, the campaign aims to provide improved education to the children of the tribe for the long-term wellness of the Kayapo tribe.

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Company: www.freshjagua.com

Name: Oz Arie

E_mail: support@freshjagua.com

Phone: 786 2811819

Website: www.helpkayapo.org

Country: USA

Campaign link: https://www.gofundme.com/helpkayapo

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Company Name: freshjagua.com
Contact Person: Oz Arie
Email: support@freshjagua.com
Phone: 786 2811819
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Website: www.freshjagua.com