QuickEdit WordPress Solution launched by Inkthemes brings revolution in web designing!

QuickEdit WordPress Solution

Inkthemes launches its new range of QuickEdit WordPress Solution that ensures a cost-effective mode towards website designing. Given the rate at which online marketing has increased its proliferation in the modern times, having a website that matches up the standards required by individuals is extremely expensive. With help of this web solution, not only can you create a completely effective website within a short span of time, but also ensure that you get close to $1000 from your clients.

Inkthemes has always brought certain exciting web designing solutions for its customers that have reduced the hassle of creating a functional website to a great extent. With introduction of this WordPress solution, a personalised WordPress website can be created in a matter of minutes that is visually appealing to concerned clients.

Launching this web solution at the Techno-Business Summit 2016, the Managing Director, Inkthemes stated, ‘’The problem of designing a website by hiring a web developer and using CMS would always remain. It is to remove these issues that a personalised web creating solution as QuickEdit WordPress Solution has been developed! Its primary aim is to serve our clients with an advanced technology where getting a personalised website is possible along with unique content blocks and compatibility with gadgets.’’

The primary features that QuickEdit WordPress Solution promises to deliver include, unique content blocks, portability on every gadget, hassle-free image resizing options, advanced newsletter, WooCommerce, WPML and WordPress compatibility along with the option to reset the whole process. Having multiple design elements and languages to cater to audiences from different domains of the world, this is truly a solution that saves any company huge amount of their total costs.

Some of the bonus points of this solution are also included such as guaranteed lifetime theme updates, documentation from beginner’s videos to documentation of developer as well as an amazing set of support staff that is there to assist 24/7. A set of highly convertible pages can be built for clients saving both money and time, yet getting a plethora of designing options. 

The primary target of this QuickEdit WordPress Solution launched by the company is small business developers with limited cash or online portals which are looking for a breakthrough in this digital market. This was made clear by the Project Manager, Inkthemes at the launch party itself.

He clearly stated that ‘’Keeping the price rate at a minimal $37 for singular site and $47 for multiple sites, we are planning on capitalising the needs of those users who wish to set up a personalised website without any external help. With the issues of time, money and support coming in between, this mode of developing a website with self-help has been the demand of the market for quite some time now. We are proud to cater to their demands.’’

Given that this web solution has garnered immense popularity within this short span of time, there have been many expert opinions on its feasibility in the near future. A web analyst who has been in this market for close to a decade now has observed, ‘’With cost-cutting being the primary aspect of consideration in present times, this  QuickEdit WordPress Solution will surely become an important tool in current times. Good times ahead for self-help!’’

As a company looking forth to reaching new heights, it is best that you check out benefits of QuickEdit WordPress Solution.

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