SmartyLogo brings forth its set of mockups for creating your ideal cover page!


SmartyLogo brings forth its series of professional mockup templates that ensures a perfect presentation for every website! Gone are the days when developing a website or a cover page was a child’s play. With the ushering in of the new technical era, it is the funda of ‘’First impression’’ that has taken over and therefore having a perfect website that provides initial details is of prime importance.

As an organisation in this field of graphic designing, the introduction of this SmartyLogo Mockups is truly a matter of great achievement. The company has always ensured to provide its clients with unique PSD mockups for their cover pages or gadgets, and this multi-functional mockup template just makes this whole aspect way more classy.

Announcing its launch at the Tech-Pro Summit, 2016, Chief Executive Officer, SmartyLogo, stated, ‘’We have had enough complaints from our clients regarding how they could not find that perfect mockup that could be personalised as per their wishes or website. Keeping their demands in mind, we have designed this set of mockup templates which have more than 100 PSD mockups for clients to choose from as per their wishes. Most importantly, with this set, we have kept in mind to segregate various professions and create mockups as per the requirement.’’

The outstanding aspects that have made these templates one of the most trusted options in present times are their capability to make their product quality-wise stunning, having an edit option that makes changes applicable quite easier as well as getting a realistic feel to the mockups. Topping all of these is the money that could be saved on graphic designers is what makes these templates the most-chosen options in current times.

Another crucial aspect that has been covered with the help of this SmartyLogo Mockups is their ability to be used in a variety of domains as the launching of products, campaigns, social media and overall presentation of the products. With the capacity to use high-resolution photos as 3500 x 2300 pixels, and having the ability to choose from a variety of layouts, these mockup templates come in packages that can be easily downloaded.

As one of the oldest clients of SmartyLogo and making use of its products for close to a decade now, Ms Sarah Gomes, an entrepreneur stated, ‘’ I am extremely impressed by the set of PSD mockups that I have been provided with! The designs and layout are just so unique for my website, and I can use in on multiple gadgets like laptop, tablets and iPhone. I am truly grateful to the organisation for saving my hard-earned cash in the correct manner and providing me with such a solution that can be edited easily! Kudos!’’

Made in a 3D software with a realistic setting and keeping in mind the design that is trending in the market, this comes in a pack of 8, with close to 148 mockup templates to suit your requirement.

According to the Project Manager, ‘’Our primary aim was to allow our clients to get multiple options as they search out for their ideal templates. Keeping the price restricted at $17, we have targeted the wider category who are looking for such editable mockups within a limited price.’’

Apparently, the SmartyLogo Mockups can surely give a new dimension to your business! Check out details now!

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