Guangzhou Tianan Panyu Energy-saving Science and Technology Park: to create symbiotic business platform

Guangzhou Tianan Panyu Energy-saving Science and Technology Park is a commercial rainforest, various enterprises gather here to co-grow and co-evolute.

People say that the business world should not only have the survival of the fittest, but also be a harmoniously symbiotic system. Behind the law of the jungle law, nature is still harmonious, and species are interdependent and co-evaluated.

It is same true of business. In the same industry, they have competition with cooperation, which also exist in the upstream and downstream industry chain. Co-existence is the essential of business world. Guangzhou Tianan Panyu Energy-saving Science and Technology Park always upholds this proposition and has been in practice this concept.

“Plan” of Guangzhou Tianan: there will be an integrated industrial park, releasing commercial energy; “change” of Guanzhou Tianan: it will accept scientific formats and absorb the various types of enterprises along with the era of innovation; “evolution” of Guanzhou Tianan: different areas of the industry and different sizes of enterprises are co-growth and co-evoluated, to build a symbiotic innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

For the settled enterprises here, there are not only the rational and planning of the allocation of resources, but also a variety of surprises brought by times and market, such as service facilities, upstream and downstream partners, cutting-edge research institutions……

Where is it from?

Guangzhou Tianan itself is an evolutionary sample, supported by Tianan cyber park group. In the 1990 s, after Mr. Deng’s famous 1992 “southern tour”, the land reform has a close connection with the seed industry. Tianan was the earliest enterprise which made the industry run well. Tianan digital city itself is in constant evolution, and commercial rainforest enterprises also continue to grow.

Since 1990, , Tian’an Digital City’s unique operation concept has been through industrial parks, industrial and trade parks, science and technology parks and urban industrial complexes to form the current innovation and business ecosystems, and its own business operation and service system has been evolved. From the original traditional factory to the later technology industry building, as well as the single-family office building to adapt to the headquarters of the economy of IEO enterprises a few years ago.

All the constant evolution is the outcome for adapting to the continuous upgrading of market and industry.

Tianan cyber park has been serving as the city’s industrial development operators, the promoters of industrial upgrading and enterprise evolution, and the builders of Innovation and entrepreneurship platform.

Guangzhou Tianan Panyu Energy-saving Science and Technology Park is the first masterpiece of inter-regional development. Over ten years developing, it has formed an enterprise ecosystem, consisting of Industrial Office, headquarters economy, incubator and accelerator. Among the settled 1000 enterprises, there are 19 listed companies, 10 state-owned holding regional headquarters enterprises, 32 high-tech enterprises and 32 technology little giant enterprise storage. Those 1000 enterprises have more than 5000 patents……

Thus, try to think this way. When you can’t see through someone, think about who he is. Try to analysis deeper, such as his dress style, how he acts and speaks as well as personality. Similarly, when you can’t see through the structure of a company, try to think about what it looks like. Seek the answer of everything.

Then,what Guangzhou Tianan Panyu Energy conservation science and technology park looks like?

Then,what does Guangzhou tian fanyu Energy conservation science and technology park look like?

Is it a Government organization?

Wang Dongye , the assistant to the President of Tiannan Digital City Group and the manager of Guangzhou tian fanyu Energy conservation science and technology park. Before seeing him, he had just seen off a group of guests which are the officials of Government Science and Technology and Information Technology Bureau. To keep touch with kinds of government agencies and provide administrative information is one of his daily job.

Local government departments will regularly come to the park to carry out the introduction about the relevant new policies, and come to companies to solve the practical problems encountered in the business running. For instance, since May,1st, the government has announced new policies to promote Business tax paid VAT nationwide. Tianan invited relevant departments to explain the new policies for enterprise in the park , and helped enterprise understand policies in detail.

“Through joint efforts with the government, the service window of the government examination and approval authority is allowed to be front. The third grade government in Panyu District, Guangzhou, East Central Street set up a government service center in the park, to provide business registration, project declaration, patent application, the implementation of preferential policies and other services for the park enterprises. It is the first case even in Guangzhou that this kind of ‘one-stop’ service window settled in the private park. On the one hand, it reflects the government’s service awareness; on the other hand, it also shows that the park has the priority to be supported. Thus, Government services will be more targeted and more efficient.” , side by Wang Dongye.

In China, many local government has their own industrial park, which can supply related service for enterprise in the park. Building industrial park, supporting various e-government services, Guang Zhou Tianan seems plays a role like government.

To some degree, it may seems like this. Mr. Wang thinks government parks and private parks will play a role in promoting regional industrial development and economic development. However, from the investment business category of park and the park service, they are different. Government-led industrial park focuses on the land investment, and introduces the industry leaders of regional key leading industry, most in manufacturing, such as the world’s top 500 or top 100 industries. Governments tend to provide policies in terms of taxes and land, in order to gather more large-scale and higher levels of industry. These large enterprises have their internal system, so they are dependent on the government services and the overall set in a relatively low degree.

“And our park is obviously not this model. The park is invested and built by private enterprises. We belong to property investment and what we mainly introduce and service are small and medium-sized enterprises with advantages of technology. This is because they have strong creativity, vigor and growth. However, compared with large leading enterprises, they have weak foundation, poor access to social resources, and the development of enterprises is more dependent on the support of government and social resources. Their fate is decided by policy, capital, technology, talent and other factors. Our park just possesses public facilities to provide physical space, business support, financial guarantee, cooperation and communications, reducing the small and medium-sized enterprises operating costs and operating pressure, so that enterprises can focus on technology development and market development. The small and medium-sized technology enterprises in the park achieved cluster development, which is conducive to the government fixedly and efficiently know and help them, while they also can serve for large leading enterprises. So the two kinds of park are complementary.” Mr. Wang said.

land capital,industrial capital, financial capital integrated into the power of innovation. Pre- Guangdong provincial party committee secretary, Wang Yang had summarized a new model called “the integration of three capitals”, which means cluster innovation platform,assembling headquarters economy,concentration of high-end industrial. This sentence seems like a little bit official, but it’s the most accurate description of GuangZhou Tianan.

Is it an incubator?

Guangzhou Tian, with the Guangdong human resources and social security department, has jointly held a “win in Guangzhou” College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition for 3 consecutive years. Every Year, entrepreneurial team entered the finals were stationed in “T+SPACE”, created by Guangzhou Tianan, for hatching. But this is only a small part of enterprises in the park. Guangzhou Tianan is fancier with the growth-oriented enterprises which have a certain scale, because the facilities introduced by Guangzhou Tianan park are more suitable for the needs of enterprises growth by years of continuous accumulation and adjustment. Their funding problems, technical bottlenecks and the introduction of talent can be solved in the park.

The park has always been in the construction and improvement of the financial service system. In the park area of 0.5 square kilometers, the branches of Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, Guangzhou Bank, Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank have been built. The density of the bank also reflects the vitality of the enterprises in the park.

“We have established cooperative relations respectively with IDG, Jiuding, Sequoia, Guangdong, China Science & Merchants venture capital and other well-known venture capital institutions.” “The reason why these agencies here establish investment and financing platform is that they saw the investment value of enterprises in the park. For instance, After Zhongshan securities settled in the park, it has a convenient interaction with the park’s thousands of enterprises.” At the same time, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Guangzhou equity trading center and the Australian Stock Exchange also have frequent interaction with the park, including investment share, IPO policy analysis and other activities. Even the government enterprise listing service promotion center has been set up in the park, and it can be said that they all can be solved, from the enterprise financial loans to ABC round of financing, from multi-level financing to the listing counseling and IPO.

Zhong Haida is a typical case. In 2007,this science-and-technology enterprise which major in GNSS Technology settled down in Tianan. Qucikly, Tianan’s professional and marketize service made Zhong Haida feels very Satisfied. Few years later, Zhong Haida grew quickly,it has accomplished technology and business full blossom. 2011,Feb,Zhong Haida successfully listed on the new three board,it is called “ the first stock of China’s surveying and mapping equipment field”.

From 2015 to 2016, the park added 12 listed companies, and the total number of listed companies has reached to 19. This is the best test of the park’s financial services system and enterprise growth. The park is not only incubator, but also the accelerator for the enterprise listing.

Is it an innovation base?

There is another graduation season this May. On May 6th,Panyu tianan energy-saving science and technology park had signed a strategic cooperation agreement with RUC and China southern talent market, they reached an agreement: to build three foundations include RUC start-up incubator, talent training and college students’ employment entrepreneurship practice.

In June, the leaders of JLU,HIT,Harbin Engineering University,NEU,Dalian University of Technology came to Guangzhou, they reached an agreement of building channels of cooperation. They also wanted to make an communication of the spring and autumn school recruit, student internship practice and the supply and demand information.

In Tianan’s op onion,this was just a shallow levels of cooperation.

After two months, on Aug,3th, Central south university institute of engineering modeling and scientific computing inaugurated in Guangzhou Tianan, located in panyu energy-saving science and technology park formally. Many research institutions such as CAS,THU,Peking University,People’s University and Zhongshan University had been located in this park, and cooperated with enterprises in this park,get the commercial application of frontier technology.

Stanford University has trained a large number of outstanding talents and excellent talent formed a gene of innovation, which becoming the future of Silicon Valley and Silicon Valley. Guangzhou Tian is to learn and create the atmosphere of innovation, making innovation become continuous impetus of development of the park.

Don’t forget the heart, don’t refuse to change

“Someone says,even though you have money, you may not get into Guangzhou Tianan.Is it true?”

“It’s true, we have rejected many companies. The government’s position on the development of the park is: the introduction of energy saving, environmental protection, science and technology enterprises. We will not introduce the enterprise which positioned differently with us for the sake of interests. We will always adhere to the principles and the bottom line, and do not forget the heart.”

Once there was a large trading company specializing in liquor products, want to be settled in the park. We thought twice and refused this company because it does not accord with the park’s position. The company felt unwilling because they have enough turnover and paid the tax and the cost of the park will be paid. How could you shut me out?

There is a profitable futures trading company with licenses, very formal but are refused because the business scope of the enterprise is not in conformity with the industry of the park. Park more like those enterprises engaged in scientific and technological innovation, industrial innovation. Even if such enterprises are temporarily short of money, but the park is more valued the future of these enterprises.

However, Guangzhou Tian is not to deny change and surprise. The goal of Guangzhou Tianan is to introduce industrial ecology, cultivate the listed companies and become innovation base, but it will not be a one-size-fits-all “stick to stereotypes.” Park will ensure pure gene of the three major industries, at the same time, it encourages the “Internet Plus” enterprises to settle here, focuses on the introduction and cultivation of online education and cultural and creative industries, adheres to the park location and supports new industry. Park would like to embrace a variety of possibility of innovation and incubation of new technologies, to provide growing space for the creative entrepreneurship of small and medium-sized enterprises.

To create a commercial forest

Guangzhou Tianan worked with efficient government affairs, but it’s not a government organization, it provides more exquisite service than government.

It has incubated lots of enterprises, but it’s not a typical incubator, it holds more fund resources than incubator.

It can supply power of science and technology, but it’s not only an innovation hub, it provides more commercial production than innovation hub.

It considered to be a commercial forest, providing air, sunshine, soil and water for companies. They grow and gather together in one space. There are law firms, banking, accounting firms, investment banks, design consultancy, research firms in this 124 acres of space.

In the forest of commercial, all species depend on each other for a certain degree, which is one of the main features of the rainforest ecosystem. The enterprises and institution here are like towering trees and shrubs vines. In the forest of commercial, they accomplished resource sharing ,opportunities sharing and information sharing under the premise of achieving self-worth and self-growth.

There are service for basic necessities of life and community activities. There are kinds of sharing session with different theme included management training courses,new advertisement law seminar,brand regeneration strategy,the private school and entrepreneurship Competition.”In reality,Tianan provided a service eco-system, they won’t have to search related service outside.” Wang Dongye said to the journalist.

The forest of commercial exists not only offline, but also online. Tianan Cyber Park has set up a platform of projects and financing called “1 punishment”. Through this platform, enterprises including Tianan who have good products, good ideas or sourcing can get investment and financial support. The investors can find some good projects as well. Besides,“1 punishment” will be combined with Trading Center of scientific and technological achievements offline, creating an “O2O trading platform of scientific and technological achievements which is planed to be everlasting”.

It is not a forest ecosystem with law of the jungle, but a harmonious rainforest ecosystems under the rules of this game.

[ ] Journalist: Zhou Huitao]

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