The Collision between Tradition and Technology Gives Birth to Airwheel Smart Electric Assist Bike R5

Airwheel has modified traditional bikes and added more technological elements. Thus a new type of electric moped bike R5 is launched this autumn. Let’s see how Airwheel R5 is capable of.

Bikes have been existing for a very long time and exerted very positive effects on everyone’s daily life. They can assist people to move more efficiently than walking. In modern times, they are widely used as a fitness tool. When technology develops, people are no longer satisfied with the traditional bikes. Then they are improved and integrated with more intelligent elements. That is how Airwheel electric moped bike R5 came into being. R5 ensures that its riders can enjoy the pure pleasure of riding bikes while revel in the comfort brought by technologies.

Airwheel electric assist bike

Distinguished from traditional bikes, Airwheel electric assist bike R5 is designed with an electrical power driven system. It is mounted with a high performance hub motor and imported Li-ion battery set. This offers riders to a labor-saving choice apart from the man-powered mode. Even with these electronic accessories, R8 still has a relatively light weight, in contrast to the bulky electromobiles. It can be fully folded and store in car trunks or offices without occupying large space.

Airwheel R5

Riders can freely shift the riding mode. The man-powered mode turns R5 into a pure bike while in the electricity-assisted mode, R5 will be driven by electricity and cost no human labor. As the citizen e-bike is paired with sensor technology. It can detect the pedaling of the feet. This guarantees a third choice for riders, power-assistance mode. The vehicle will alter its assistant power and makes pedaling less exhausting. When riders encounter the upward slopes, this mode will be helpful.

Thanks to the detail designing, Airwheel electric assist bike has made daily commuting more comfortable and convenient. The replaceable Li-ion battery, integrated with USB port can charge other electronic devices. The superior folding ability of R5 enables it to be connected with public transportation system. The app customized for R5, which offers services like fault self-diagnosis  and speed limit, gives dual protection for riders.

Eco-friendly and fashionable as it is, Airwheel R5 will function as both an efficient commuting tool and a fitness equipment in the society.

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