Dynamic Towing Now Offers Various Roadside Assistance Solutions

It may be cold outside but things just got warmer in Toronto. Dynamic Towing has just announced that they will now be offering various roadside assistance solutions, a blessing for stranded Toronto drivers.

Toronto drivers have just received a lovely holiday surprise from local auto solutions provider, Dynamic Towing. The company that provides emergency 24/7 auto services such as towing and car locksmith services will now be offering various additional roadside assistance solutions in the city, which will make winter holiday driving a lot less stressful for many of the city’s drivers.

“Dynamic Towing is well known in Toronto as an emergency towing service provider and car locksmith. Over the years we’ve been working in the city our technicians have come across many a driver stranded on the roadside due to minor car problems which they probably could deal with themselves if they had the proper tools with them, or if they weren’t on their way to an important meeting or event, or for other reasons. Our technicians and customers have mentioned these problems to us numerous times and recently we finally got around to discussing the issue. A few months back the management of Dynamic Towing started working on a way to address this issue and we came up with a package of various roadside assistance solutions that are not covered under our towing or car locksmith services. We will be offering these services to all drivers in Toronto, there is no need to sign up for our roadside assistance services; we don’t have any ‘members only’ services.  We are happy to help any driver that needs our assistance, all they have to do is call our dispatch and we will have a team with them in our regular arrival time of 30 minutes,” said Joe Lokwitz, Manager of Dynamic Towing in Toronto.

The winter holidays are not a good time to run into car trouble, but now that Dynamic Towing has all Toronto drivers covered the city streets will seem a much safer place to be. “Our staff works around the clock as it is, we are out there 24/7, every single day, holidays and cold winter days, so it didn’t take much to prepare us to handle these roadside emergencies. After talking to our people we got a good idea of which roadside problems they encounter most and we decided to provide solutions to these problems. The new roadside assistance solutions that we will be providing are: remote petrol refuel for drivers who have run out of petrol while they are on the road, changing flat tires and jumpstarting flat car batteries. This new range of services will be provided along with our regular car locksmith services and different types of towing services. We are really proud to provide our services in this great town and are excited to see how we will help local drivers with our new set of auto solutions”.

For more information about Dynamic Towing please visit http://car-towing.ca/

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