Corinne Asch\’s Masterpiece: The Microblading Bible

A complete guide on every microblading technique: Clean & Crisp strokes

December, US – Corinne Asch has announced the release of her new book ‘The Microblading Bible’. The book is a complete and detailed guide to all the techniques regarding microblading. Released on 15th December 2016, the book is a reflection of her own rich experience. It is a result of her detailed research and journal of the things she learned in micro blading. It is an equivalent of taking advanced classes in microblading and is expected to get a global response by women. 

The Microblading Bible has thirteen chapters and covers all the aspects of Microblading. From introduction to client consultation and client forms, the book covers every possible detail in a great explanatory manner. Chapter four focuses on the importance of sterilization in microblading and another chapter covers the measurements of brows. In addition, all the procedures and after care along with the healing process are explained in the best way possible with pictorial illustration.

“I emailed, messengered and Facebooked tons of people. I followed all the microblading boards, asked hundreds of questions and even discovered new ones I didn’t know I had. Then, there were a lot of opposing viewpoints where both sides made sense.” Said Corinne Asch, the author in the preface of the book. “Opposing viewpoints about how to properly heal the brows, or whether to numb or not before the first strokes. I looked for books on the subject, but found only one that was so general in its information, but it was more of a pamphlet than a book, with very little usable information.” She added. 

The book has received great feedback from the experts on microblading and is now attracting a global response. It is the first of its kind on the subject and will bring a good literary sense to the health and beauty industry worldwide. It is a true reflection of the detailed hard work by the author and will make a significant contribution for the generations to come. 

The book has cleared up many misconceptions about microblading as it carefully entertains every detail regarding microblading. Through author`s own experiences and hands on knowledge about microblading the book stands out from all the beauty, fitness, health and self-help books. The Microblading Bible is not only about technicalities that involves during microblading.

The book has a more psychological depth and has the capability of touching the reader`s soul as well. It’s a Bible of healing, helping one`s self, staying contented, making choices that might appear externally, but has a deep and profound internal effect as well. The book helps in boosting confidence and raising one`s head high. This book is one of its kind and is bound to make a significant mark, it is going to create a milestone for the ages to come.

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