America Video Transfer Relaunches with a New Website

Brighton, MI – As a company that has been transferring audio and video to digital formats since 1988, American Video Transfer has recently relaunched their website. Giving individuals the opportunity to preserve various forms of video recordings for decades and even generations to come, American Video Transfer at serves to keep the best of every person’s memories and treasured recordings alive.

The advancement of technologies over recent decades has astounded the world, offering humans abilities that those in generations past would not have been capable of even dreaming of. Technologies of video capturing especially have become treasured, as individuals record and capture the best moments of their lives. As these new ways of capturing and preserving memories emerge, however, many people worry that those captured within obsolete recordings will be left in the dust. As film, photos, VHS, and more have lost their spotlight, many individuals are eager to ensure that the memories caught on their older recordings do not die with the popularity of the format.

Since 1988, American Video Transfer has been transferring the contents of film, video and camcorder tapes, VHS, records, photos, and slides to digital formats to keep the best of memories and events alive for generations to come. With their new website, preserving timeless memories is easier than ever before, offering the opportunity for individuals everywhere to transfer their most treasured recordings to digital formats.

Since the company’s inception, American Video Transfer has transferred hundreds of thousands of videos and millions of feet of film for those seeking the preservation of their most beloved recordings. Using the latest technology and professional procedures, American Video Transfer guarantees the utmost quality in their recording transfers. Prioritizing customer satisfaction as well as quality, the company recognizes the importance of preserving memories that individuals want to be able to show their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren decades down the line. “American Video Transfer makes the transfer process so easy,” one customer says. “I’m not good with technology myself, but the quality of their transfers is amazing and being able to look back at everything makes me so happy.”

Offering every individual the opportunity to preserve their most timeless memories, American Video Transfer transfers various obsolete forms of recordings to digital formats that can live on for years to come. There is no need to let memories fade and create dust when there is technology that can keep every memory fresh as the day they occurred. Click here to transfer your most treasured recordings today!

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