Greening Deserts and the Great Green Wall to reduce Climate Change and Desertification

It’s an honour to announce the new Greening Deserts projects Greening Coasts and the Great Green Wall for North Africa and Northern Sahara. The projects were founded by Oliver Caplikas in 2016 and are specialized on sustainable agriculture, professional greening and permaculture. Greening Deserts and connected projects want to produce topsoil, cultivate plants for food, herbs, medicine and plant trees to enhance the quality of life and to create a healthy environment. With a lot of experiences in these fields it is possible to green fast and efficient any areas or regions, improve cold and hot environment, cultivate dry or semi-arid areas nearby water sources like lakes, rivers, seas or oceans.

The projects start primarily near coasts by building Greening Camps, a kind of farms with greenhouses and containers, tents or huts. Depending on the available resources, local conditions and infrastructures a complete camp can be built very fast. First parks and woods will be planted during the first months. The smallest version of a Greening Deserts Camp has one or two little greenhouses, essential equipment and services won’t cost so much, it depends on the support of the country or region included in the project. Sustainable irrigation, clean technologies, renewable energy with solar energy and water power guarantee a continuous supply and help to reduce bad effects like negative climate change, desertification and global warming.

Greening Deserts projects are targeted at important parts of the world and could reduce the climate change and global warming to an acceptable rate, of course just if it will be supported by the world community or society. On a bigger scale it will not only save the environment by making it greener and improve the oxygen levels on earth, but also reduce the hunger and housing crisis which has spread across various countries in the world to a significant level.

Each investment or donations for the projects can improve the world for our future generations. Invest in sustainable greening projects for a better, greener and peaceful future for us all. Constructive advises, recommendations or suggestions and any other types of support are always welcome!

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