Unprecedented Riding Experience Generated by Airwheel R5 electric assist bicycle

Airwheel has rolled out a new assist bike R5 recently. The new type of vehicle with three riding modes and foldable features, can serve different purposes of travelling and bring unprecedented riding experience in daily commuting.

Daily commuting is a trouble that concerns everyone. Whether one lives far or close to working places, they need to choose a suitable commuting device. Now, a portable comfortable and fashionable transportation tool, citizen e-bike, featuring three riding modes is created by Airwheel to tackle the commuting hassle.

citizen e-bike

Judging from the functions, many would relate Airwheel electric assist bike E5 to electromobiles. But, in terms of the appearance, it is quite distinguishable from electromobiles. Above all, the vogue style is the first impression it leaves to people. R5 is in a rectangle shape. The white contour is in sharp contrast with the black wheels. The perfect color match make it cool for anyone to ride. The handle, pedals and main frame are all foldable. It takes only several seconds to be fully fold it and carry onto other public transportation facility. This enables R5 to be more portable and flexible in face of crowded urban traffic surrounding.

electric assist bike R5

Airwheel electric assist bike R5 is able to be driven both by human labor and electrical power. The high performance hub motor generates powerful and stable force. In the power-assisted mode, R5 will be fully driven by electricity. It can reach a 20 km/h speed. When riders shift it to a man-powered style, R5 functions as a bike. Riders can still work out by riding R5. In the power-assistance mode, when people pedal, the system will detect riders’ movement and assist riders. They can save much labor when pedal.

Airwheel R5 is still adopted with a branded Li-ion battery. The battery is swappable and integrated with a USB port, it can serve as a portable power source to charge other electronic devices. Electricity-driven vehicles are eco-friendly and safer than motor vehicles, since they are designed with speed limit. Green vehicle is a hot trend in the current society. Airwheel folding e bikes, with technological elements can be applied either to daily commuting or recreational use. The intelligent product will season the dull journey with more joys and comfort.

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