Classy Catz Announces Launch of New Tea Infuser with Silicon Handles

Classy Catz Tea Infuser Adds a Touch of Safety to Tea Infusing

Some people may think that tea drinking went out with the Boston party but it is becoming one of the most sought after beverages in America today. The health benefits of cetain teas such as green tea and Oolong are becoming more well known and there is also a movement with tea drinker away from bags back to the more natural loose leaf teas.

In a statement today by manufacturer Classy Catz, they announced the launch of a new stainless steel tea infuser for tea lovers across America. The innovative design which sees the addition of a silicon lip lid means that no heat is transferred to the handles when you need to lift the infuser out of your cup or mug.

A spokesperson for Classy Catz commented, ” We are really pleased with our new tea infuser design. It made wide and deep to allow tean and water to flow around each other to provide the best infusion from the tea possible. Adding the silicon to the handles just means you won’t burn your fingers, an important point to anyone wanting to enjoy there tea without throbbing! The lid helps to keep the tea hot whilst infusing and can also dounle as a drip tray.  We have packaged the tea infuser in an attractive box so it makes a nice gift around the Christmas holiday season but it is an everyday practical item for tea lovers first and foremost.”

Classy Catz is the manufacturer  of the Classy catz Tea Infuser/Strainer. The tea infuser is available exclusively on Amazon USA. The tea infuser is made of a fine mesh stainless steel with a silicon lipped handle and lid. Classy Catz also offer a 60 day guarantee in case of manufacturing defect. The tea infuser comes in an attractive box and makes an ideal gift for lovers of tea.


Classy Catz is manufacturer and sole distributor od the Classy Catz Tea Infuser. It is available exclusively on Amazon USA. For further information about the Classy Catz Tea Infuser with silicon lid please visit their Amazon page at.

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