A confounding ability triggered lamenting Princess Diana

In all began in 1997 when he saw the news of Princess Diana’s death; the ability that will ensue though incomprehensible at this moment will form the beginning of surges of energy that will bring about different unknown writings. He picks the pen and he just writes these forms that are like what you would see in oriental scripts. But then ten years later in a similar gust of energy he starts to type out the book “Power of Paradise” and would not stop writing for weeks. Is he channeling messages from the unknown and what could these mean?

The launch of the video detailing a snapshot of this mysterious writing has been released. Take a firsthand look at what might hold the promise of a mystery waiting to be revealed. A script that when fully written in the years to come might have a profound impact on the world, given there is someone alive who can decipher what it means. To view this video of the mysterious writings recorded live go to This holds the YouTube link that goes into detail about how this ability came about.

The author believes there is no way to fully understand the magnitude of this mysterious writings without a glimpse into the book written ten years after the first surge of the energy that made him start writing. Just like the mysterious writings that seem to have no forethought of expression, he starts writing the stories in the book Power of Paradise. He believes there is some mysterious connection between the book and what he is writing that seems to be unknown at the moment. However, he believes the stories in the book might be a prelude to understanding the deeper mysteries of his mysterious gift.

About the Author and Mysterious Writing:

Dave Skyé “AOB”(pronounced ski~yeh) was born in Brooklyn, New York. His thirst for knowledge has led him into the study of many subjects in search of timeless truths. Even at the height of his understandings, he realizes life is a continuous process of learning and appreciation. 

His mistakes, his experiences, his gifts, his visions are all pathways he has been given to fully understand the overall connection of mankind to their greatest abilities. It is within this appreciation he realizes the relativity of absolute truths based on our inherent intelligence available at any given moment in time. He realizes that the choices we make are much bigger than all our personal realities and are interconnected in ways that are mysterious and timeless. 

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