The mini sized Airwheel E3 electric folding bike ushers in confidence

In the world of intelligence, it never lack of alive innovations and permanent power. When you feel exhausted and there is nothing to kill time, something must appear to save you. Airwheel E3 intelligent e bike stands out to stimulate you and guides you to be refreshed by its small figure.

As the popularity of automobile, almost those car owners would not like to walk. Also, thanks to the magic Internet, a majority of people who do not drive prefer to stay at home. In fact, riding is a part of our life after all. In the past, traditional bicycle has a special magic at that era, even it is old enough. Now, Airwheel E3 intelligent e bike has come to the current market. Small as it is, E3 will be your secret equipment in city traveling.

As we know, it is a result of social develop for the low rate of usage for bicycles. It is not indifference that cause this result. However, it does not mean that bicycles are not useful. Sports geeks volunteer to organize riding club for interacting and cycling on campus become a new fashion again. Under this background, Airwheel endows bicycles with a new look with intelligent technologies and so E3 electric folding bike is born.

E3 foldable e bike

Made of aluminum alloy, the frame of E3 has unlimited sport energy. Only weighing 12.5kg, E3 backpack electric bicycle is just a little bit bigger than iPad when it finishes folding. Similar to the previous electric scooters, E3’s control lever can be adjusted according to the different statures. The car-lever coating increases the life span. When folding, E3 seems to be more powerful. Apart from the handrails and pedals, saddles and wheels also joint into the figure altering plan. The separated left-right seat design can finely improve the unevenly stressing matter. Correspondingly, the ventilation also gets enhanced. Space also gets well utilized since two wheels can be hidden into the reserved circles.

During a ride, E3 foldable e bike performs extremely steady and smooth. 300W wheel hub can produce a steady flow of power. Vehicle control system and professional parking system can quickly output the most optimal solution and get balance between experience and energy consumption.

The mini sized Airwheel E3 will be your most powerful equipment.

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