World’s First Dual Magnetic Anywhere Phone Mount for Instagram Live

ClutchIt aims to make driving a safer experience for smartphone users

The creators of the little gadget known as ClutchIt are confident that their first anywhere magnetic phone mount is the safest accessory you will need in your car, home or work. The ClutchIt, with its cool, fashion-forward design is light, easy to carry, and here is the most important detail — it allows users to hold, mount and stand their phone anywhere conveniently and safely.

The ClutchIt was inspired by a need to provide drivers a phone mount that easily attaches to any surface in a car without compromising safety. While there are other magnetic car mounts in the marketplace, there is only one ClutchIt. What makes the ClutchIt uniquely different is the adhesive film that provides the right support for the metal discs that come with every ClutchIt. No longer do drivers have to mount their phones in places where their view is obstructed or where access while driving can be dangerous. And this feature makes ClutchIt the best magnetic phone mount.

National statistic prove that using a phone while driving, or reaching for your phone while driving increases the risk of accidents. But so does dropping your phone because it was not on a mount, or having the phone jarred loose from the mount while driving. The ClutchIt eliminates those concerns.

The ClutchIt allows you to mount your phone in places you never thought possible- in your car, at home or on the go whatever the surface: in your kitchen while following your favorite recipe, in the gym while working out on the treadmill, at your desk for easy hands-free access.

The design incorporates the same 7000 series aluminum used on iPhones; additionally, double-faced magnets and two ball joints in the center give the ClutchIt, “a crazy degree of flexibility”. You can angle your phone for optimum utility and the adhesive film provides the right support for the mount.

The creators of the ClutchIt placed safety ahead of all else when designing this convenient little phone mount. Made of high-quality materials, The ClutchIt is easy to carry, flexible and stylish. The device and accompanying metal discs come in five trendy colors to compliment individual fashion sense.

“We are a team of sleep-deprived entrepreneurs who aspire to create products that simplify everyone’s everyday life,” says Hong Wang, founder of ClutchIt Accessories, (Visit ).

The group is currently developing an entire line of products – ClutchIt is the first introduction and you can be the first to own one.

Hong Wang and the ClutchIt team are working on an entire line of products to help uncomplicate our daily lives, ClutchIt is the first in the series.

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