DamnRitch.com Aims To Become Premiere Technology Tips And User Guides, Tutorials Online Hub

Boston, MA – While countless new applications are released on a daily basis, both on the Android and iOS platforms, there is a lack of resources for users who are looking to find out how to navigate each application and make the most of its features.

The creators of Damn Ritch aim to put an end to the frustration associated with the rapid pace of technological expansion.

The website pledges to provide “various tips on day-to-day techno life, along with the different tutorials and guides which are very useful to the users.”

Those visiting DamnRitch.com can already find step-by-step guides on how to use Gmail.com and Netflix.com, as well as how to log in and use Roadrunner email.

Dedicated to bringing the latest news on the hottest new apps, Damn Ritch covered the summer’s sensational launch of the Pokémon Go app, helping users download and install the app on their iOS and Android devices.

“We knew, from our own experiences on the web, that there are so many people who are at a loss when it comes to downloading new software and apps, or using some wildly popular online platforms, such as Netflix and Gmail. That’s why we were eager to create a one-stop destination for anyone looking to keep up with the latest, greatest technological releases” said Damn Ritch’s media representative.

He continued, “DamnRitch.com will be updated on a regular basis, keeping up with the latest trends, and catering to the ever-evolving needs of the online user community. In addition to apps and software guides, our website features two separate sections dedicated to the Android Application Package (APK) and custom mods. As DamnRitch.com grows, we pledge to provide even more exciting content for our website’s growing audience.”

Those visiting DamnRitch.com will soon be able to access tutorials on various Android apps; the latest Android APK versions in all categories; the latest news about Android and iOS apps, as well as trending, technology-related content on the web.

To learn more about Damn Ritch, please visit: http://damnritch.com/

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