Airwheel Smart Citizen Electric bike R5: One Vehicle That Meets All-rounded Requirements

Nowadays, people don’t need single-purpose vehicle to meet a specific need. Airwheel citizen e-bike makes it possible for one vehicle to meet all-rounded requirements of the whole family.

In some cases, people need a vehicle which can be efficient for them to get to or off work. In other cases, they need a vehicle to work out. Is there a multi-functional vehicle that can cover all the needs? Certainly there is. It is Airwheel citizen e-bike R5, which is suitable for leisure riding, daily commuting and keeping fit.

Airwheel R5

Unlike the previous folding e-bikes, Airwheel R5 has a chain structure and a power system. Thus, the electric assist bike can offer three mode options. In the electricity-assist mode, riders can enjoy an easy ride. They can spend no efforts to commute efficiently. As the vehicle is small, it can zip through the crowded streets freely during rush hours. This will be a good option for office workers or students. If R5 is shifted to a bodybuilding mode, it is like a traditional bike. Riders pedal and it will cost much human labor. After a day’s work, it is a good choice for sedentary office workers to work out with the vehicle. In the leisure riding, riders can choose a power-assistance mode. The power system will assist riders to ride and it will not be too exhausting. The integrated motor and the Li-ion battery enable riders to alter between the three modes freely as they like. 

electric assist bike

During the riding journey, Airwheel electric assist bike will also resort to technologies to provide convenience and comfortable user experience. The battery set is integrated with a USB port and it can be removed from the vehicle to serve as a portable power source. Therefore, the battery can be either removed to charge or connected directly to power source to charge. R5 is still equipped with a smart phone app, which can provide safety protection like fault self-diagnosis, speed setting and real-time positioning. The saddle and operating rod are adjustable. Different riders can adjust them to the most comfortable position to get prepared for a ride.

Just buy one Airwheel electric folding bike and it can be qualified to serve different purposes. The multi-functional vehicle will appeal to all family members.

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