Eradicate the “China dream” General Secretary Xi hundred years of stumbling block of He Biao (Guangdong Unicom, party secretary and general manager)

Since the party’s eighteen years, the CPC Central Committee and State Council adopted a series of new initiatives fully embodies the fundamental purpose of our party serving the people wholeheartedly. The party’s eighteen plenary session is put forward the development thought to the people as the center, and China Unicom Guangdong branch is in the opposite direction, under He biao the leadership of the secret get Unicom mobile phone users money, a huge amount, seriously disrupted the normal development of the economy of our country, not for the benefit of your wise people, is defiant Party Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping at the core of the law enforcement capacity, the number of users of China Unicom Guangdong Volkswagen is well known, 15 yuan each person’s Secret package, you steal not only money, but people across the country to achieve a hundred years dream Chinese hot Chinese heart, we strongly support the general secretary Xi Jinping two a hundred years China dream, we are very confident that the China under the leadership of the Communist Party members and cadres is the undivided attention of serving the people, when illegal, violations are not stopped to Bitter, people deplored the functions of supervision “days missing a corner”. Fortunately, some of the legal workers have no fear of risk, to come forward and fulfill the responsibility for the people, the interests of the country above everything else. Wang Guangyu lawyers fear the danger of life resolutely crack down on damage to the interests of the state and the people of the facts of the crime. The public listed companies so reckless provocation of China Unicom, should be punished.

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