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All-Natural Sinus Relief.
Made in the U.S.A, GOLD ROOT™ Nasal Spray is an herbal saline solution featuring the rare golden herb chilcuague. Called “Gold Root”, this herb has been used in all-natural sinus relief solutions passed down for over 400 years from generation to generation. Gold Root Nasal Spray has been carefully crafted from this herb for the all-natural relief of a variety of sinus problems.

Coming to the shelves of retail outlets near you, GOLD ROOT™ Nasal Spray is proud to be accepted as the only Nasal Spray Product by the mass distribution network of Mr. Checkout. The nationwide launch starting today will surely be a welcome relief for the over 38 million Americans suffering from Allergies, Sinusitis or Chronic Sinus Inflammation. GOLD ROOT™ Nasal Spray is an all-natural solution that is available to also provide relief from nasal and sinus congestion due to allergies, colds and flu and other harmful pollutants. Check the website to find more details

GOLD ROOT™ Nasal Spray offers the same ability for cleansing of the nasal passages using saline solution and natural root herbs that has been traditionally practiced for centuries. GOLD ROOT™ Nasal Spray features a completely “All Natural Ingredients” formula that stimulates the body’s own system. The product works by preventing irritants and bacteria from sticking to nasal tissues while moisturizing these sensitive delicate tissues. 

The customers experience the relief that they are wanting while preventing the need for overuse of harsh sinus medications. Unlike most of the products currently available, it is Drug Free, Chemical Free & Non-Habit Forming. The response has been tremendous as some of the verified Amazon costumers excitedly proclaimed:

“ This is the first product I’ve found that truly with my allergic rhinitis. It opens up airflow and clears my head. Love it! “


“Gold Root worked so well for me I ended up buying extra and handing them out to some of my friends and coworkers. My best friend who is always having some sort of sinus issue was thrilled the next time I spoke with her. Anyway it is safe to say I’m a fan. “

The founders began developing the product in San Antonio, Texas in 2013 for the purpose to develop an All-Natural Nasal Spray that works without the harmful side effects of the current products available. Based on generations of use by the locals where the “Gold Root” herb is natively found; the product has been formulated and perfected to create Gold Root Nasal Spray. Building on the successes and great results, GOLD ROOT™ Nasal Spray is now poised to help more people with sinus problems in new retail locations across the United States.

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