Aircon company urges unit cleaning for holiday season

In the midst of the busy holiday season in Singapore, long-term aircon Services Company, AFTA is calling all home and office owners to conduct AC unit cleaning and maintenance before the year ends. According to the company, this is a crucial move in ensuring the property gets proper cooling and heating system over the holiday break.

Ensuring air conditioner units’ optimal performance in the busy holiday season, one of Singapore’s longest running aircon Service Company is advocating for a holiday cleaning for AC units.

Citing the series of celebrations and events anticipated to be conducted in various residential and commercial spaces, AFTA Aircon services reminds its clients to conduct the cleaning prior to the events to achieve maximum cooling capacity of their AC Units. According to AFTA, the performance of air conditioning units can be greatly affected by the number of people occupying the same space for a period of time.

“Apart from maintaining the performance of unit, cleaning it in time for occasion is also one way to protect the family or guests from diseases,” a statement from the company says.

According to Mayo Clinic in 2016, aircon can host pneumonia-causing bacteria found in the water of the air conditioner system. Furthermore, AFTA also warns against the accumulated dust in the aircon filter, which can cause various respiratory diseases.

AFTA is an aircon servicing company that has been catering to both residential and commercial clients in Singapore. Apart from basic aircon cleaning and maintenance, the company also specializes in Chemical Washing, a method used to fully eliminate aircon contaminants without damaging the parts of the unit.

The company also takes pride in their quick response repair system, considering that any aircon issues are considered as emergency. Among the common signs that an AC unit needs urgent repairs are machine noise, water leaks, and longer time to cool the room.

‘We take hundreds of calls every day from all over Singapore, and we strive to send the best technician for every aircon concern, whenever possible,” the company statement states.

To book for the company’s services, they can be reached at +65 1548 8723 or visit They are open to accept booking and inquiries from Sunday-Monday. 

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