New VRS Bands and ALLN-1 Exercise System Offers Unparalleled Variability, Appeal and Cost Effectiveness

For many people, the gym is considered the most effective way to burn calories, build muscles and improve health because it has a wide variety of complex machines that focus on specific muscle groups.  Fitness expert Al Smith Jr. has turned that concept on its head by developing a new exercise system that includes Variable Resistance Suspension (VRS) Bands, ALLN-1 Fitness Bench and VRS Quick Clip Kit.  The new VRS system allows users to utilize a vast array of exercises that is comparable to visiting the gym.

Smith has designed and tested his VRS system over years, and this ingenious and easy-to-use system will soon be approved for a patent. At its heart, this fitness system utilizes VRS Bands which offer varying levels of resistance as they are stretched.  You only need to attach them to a secure structure and start pulling to experience a challenging, effective workout. You can also use them in combination with suspension bands to improve your current exercise regimen.

Al Smith Jr. is the creator of the VRS Bands, ALLN-1 Fitness Bench and VRS Quick Clip Kit through his company TrainChange. He is a lifelong fitness enthusiast who was the recipient of numerous honors including the Congressional Award of Appreciation. He has certifications in Weight Management and Personal Training, and is a Health Care Partner with the U.S. Center for Disease Control. His training programs have been used by competitors in national bodybuilding competitions and featured on televised sports competitions like Battle Dome.

Recognizing that one of the primary reasons people fail to realize their fitness goals is that they become bored with repetitive exercise regimens, Smith has made variability the core concept of his VRS fitness system.  Users can utilize the system in many different ways while still focusing on key muscle groups.  This helps users remain enthusiastic about their fitness program as they progress.

For the first time, Al Smith’s VRS fitness system is available to order through Kickstarter.  You can now order his VRS Bands, ALLN-1 Fitness Bench, VRS Quick Clip Kit and TrainChange Fat Loss eBook before they go on sale to the general public.  To learn more about the VRS fitness system or to order your own, please visit You may also find more information about the VRS Fit.cness System at  To learn more about TrainChange training, please visit or call 888.858.7746.  

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