“The Forgotten Promise” – “The Resurgence of Unionism Among Air Traffic Controllers”

An informative thesis from 1988 that researched how and why the newly hired controllers, subsequent to the PATCA strike, so quickly sought union representation

Author Alex Cullison is proud to announce the official publication of “The Forgotten Promise” co-titled “The Resurgence of Unionism Among Air Traffic Controllers,” a first-hand account of this important part of American labor history.

About The Book

After the PATCO strike and thousands of air traffic controllers were fired, the FAA pledged that there was never going to be a need for the newly hired controllers to seek unionization, as the FAA was committed to addressing controller concerns.

The Forgotten Promise is a thesis. The research question: “In the opinion of the (newly hired) controllers, what did the FAA do, or not do, which resulted in the air traffic controllers uniting again to seek the influence, benefit, and protection of a labor organization?”

On June 11, 1987, six short years after President Reagan crushed PATCO, the air traffic controllers swept the new union NATCA (National Air Traffic Controllers Association) to a landslide victory.

This thesis contains surveys, election results, newspaper clippings and much more. It is an important part of labor history besides being interesting to those who study industrial sociology.

The Forgotten Promise is available as a digital download Amazon Kindle eBook ( see http://a.co/7uHeZly ) For more information (Dr. Cullison’s bio and other publications such as Werewolf Origin and the Journey of Inches), please visit www.DrAlexCullison.com or contact Doc@DrAlexCullison.com.



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