Eye protection is a necessity for the Sino-British top 100 enterprises to cooperate together

According to the International Eye News, myopia is rising by years in China. At present, the myopia rate of those at the ages of 18-30 years should reach up to 80% -90%. With people age, myopia will creep into the adults, making the people with sight-shortness surging at an amazing rate. The current situation is extremely grim. China is stepping into the aging society in advance for its rapid economic development. As a result, such aging problems as cataract, blurred vision, bulging eye have become the issue on eyes that can never be ignored.

Perhaps most people have a profound experience in visual fatigue, shedding tears for sores eyes after staring at the computer screen for a long time, or blurring my vision when finishing a book in a day. Although China boasts large population, the awareness to protect eyes is still not infiltrated into the masses. If the eyes cannot have a rest in a long time, it would feel at sea to a lesser extent; at worst, it would bring about eye diseases, causing some troubles to our study and work. As for those with high myopia, there will even be a greater possibility to inherit this to their innocent eyes, becoming a burden for generations.

  Multinational medical experts have researches on the visual protection. Besides noting sitting posture at ordinary times, having regular rests, and doing eye exercises on time, we can also use eye products for assistance. “The solution lies not in treatment, but more importantly in prevention and protection.” Eye experts recommend to use eye patches products, of which the active ingredients can be absorbed by the eye skin in the role of non-woven, slowly, then the acute impact on the eye can also be relieved for the tenderness of operation process. In addition, the external-applied products can also prevent dark circles and bags under the eyes and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Therefore, eye patches have always been woman’s favorite.

Recently, the reporter learned that Zhongke Ming-ren (Beijing) Vision Medical Research Institute and British MINI Health Management Company carried on a strong cooperation to create the first eye topical products – Mini Fresh Eyes, the purpose of which is to protect eyes and make effective treatments to various eye problems. Clinical trials showed that the product can relieve such symptoms like dry eyes and tears against wind. To a certain extent, it can also mitigate myopia, amblyopia, astigmatism, hyperopia, strabismus, presbyopia, blurred vision. This time the Sino-British top hundred enterprises are in close cooperation into the micro-business jointly, and receive wide attention at home and abroad.


It is reported that Zhongke Ming-ren (Beijing) Vision Medical Research Institute referred to optometry as the leading industry, which is committed to young people vision rehabilitation. Its products and technologies have complete independent intellectual property rights, product industry standards rights and product technology reserves right. So the authority is of self-evident.

At present, the Institute gained the access to the minds at home and aboard for its profession, large-scale, scientific development. In the meantime, it has set up 6 training bases in domestic, more than 270 visual acuity centers and seven international technology promotion centers in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Nigeria and other countries. Admittedly, the vision protection projects have fully developed.

  What is crucial is to preserve with the right products and seek for greater perfection in details besides our daily cares to the eyes. Mini Fresh Eye focus on eye cares just for

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