Auto Wreckers Buying Up All Wrecked Automobiles in Perth

Perth, Western Australia – Cash for Cars Perth has long offered a plethora of services to the local community and beyond. Many customers have praised their fair prices and accessible services as their reason for continued use of their services, but now, they’ve expanded to another branch of the automobile servicing industry through Autowreckers- buying up wrecked and junked cars.

In today’s market, there are any number of reasons that a business or mechanic could be after old and used cars. Lots of competition can obfuscate a market, and also push a lot of businesses to engage in practices that many would deem questionable. Unfortunately, such practices are the types that many vehicle-removal services are now using in an attempt to save money, so that they can keep their prices competitive. Since so many have taken to diluting the process with unnecessary paperwork, pointless towing fees, and general inaccessibility, many people have held onto their old vehicles for longer than they intended, waiting for the right service to come along.

Finally, car wreckers everywhere are flocking to Autowreckers to rid themselves of their former vehicles. Thanks to their transparent business model, lack of paperwork, and quickly paid cash rewards, many sellers are hailing Autowreckers as the number one service for car hauling, selling, and general junk car removal. Perhaps more important than their convenient scheduling and free towing services, is their insistence to always pay fair compensation for any clunker immediately.

It is just running vehicles that Autowreckers are after, though. No matter the severity of the wreck, they want to take it off your hands. Whether your old car has 3 wheels, no motor, missing doors, or any other piece missing, Autowreckers insists that they’re in the business of fair compensation and heavy restoration.

“The hauled vehicles are first taken to our master scrap yards, where the vehicle dismantling shortly begins. All the parts and components of the car are removed, so as to determine which of them can be used again, recycled, or even resold,” explained a spokesperson of the company. “The whole procedures is perfectly eco-friendly and has minimum impact on the planet; highlighting our consciousness towards the environment.”

To read more about the process and financial compensation available to old/used car sellers, you can visit the Autowrecker website at Whether the rate at which this business is buying up old vehicles will continue to climb or not remains to be seen, but if the business practices utilised so far remain the same, it’s hard to imagine the need for Autowreckers dissipating anytime soon.


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