A Gift To Humanity on Xmas – World Child Launches “The Global Harmony Plan”

For Release on Xmas Dec 25th 2016.

It’s crazy but it’s all true. After 25 years of research and development a 3 stage 7 strategy plan for Global Harmony is launching on Xmas that will lay the foundation for a peaceful and sustainable world. It’s founder initially began promoting anti racism on T-shirts that he called “walking billboards” with powerful  positive messages such as “There is only one race, the human race”, “No Child is born a racist” and “It’s not who you love but that you love”.  In his mission to end racism he researched its causes extensively and came to the conclusion that it is intertwined with poverty, the environment, lack of education, upbringing and politics. Early on he realized a strategic plan was needed if his mission to end racism was to be achieved.  For more than 25 years he immersed himself into key industries in order to gain the critical experience and knowledge to create and implement each of the 3 stages and 7 strategies of the plan. The Global Harmony Plan to create a peaceful and sustainable world can now be viewed and supported by the entire human race at www.GlobalHarmonyPlan.org

About Global Harmony’s Founder

As if in some way designed for international acceptance, the founder of the Global Harmony plan is a Canadian citizen born in the USA on epiphany (January 6th) and is a “world child” growing up in countries like Peru, Thailand and Spain. During his professional career he achieved success as an entrepreneur, reached partner status in key companies and attained executive positions in publicly traded companies that include the plan’s critical industries of real estate and eLearning. In fact to fund the plan he is a REALTOR and a partner in a construction company called Green Star Homes that offers a home plan called the Nirvana in a location many people consider to be paradise Peachland in the BC Canada’s Okanagan region. “To achieve Global Harmony I studied and gained extensive experience in industries that will play major roles in its success.

My desire to end racism stems from my childhood upbringing which exposed me to the suffering caused by racism when kids and parents alike would be mean simply because of the color of my skin or shape of my eyes. Living in many countries I learned most people are peaceful and inclusive, however, the minority opposed to these beliefs seem to be louder and more determined to succeed at promoting their views. We, the majority, must unite, and promote peace if we are to end racism and change the destructive and potentially species ending path humanity is on. What I realized early on in my research is there was no plan or mission for a sustainable and peaceful world’s achievement making it’s achievement impossible. This reality left me, and I believe most people, feeling hopeless.

When we the majority unite and believe we can create a peaceful world with a realistic plan I know a future generation will have the ability to achieve Global Harmony. It is every person’s responsibility to protect those living and those who have yet to arrive by creating and providing a peaceful and sustainable world for them to live and be born into. In essence I believe we have the power to lay the foundation for a plan that will eventually create heaven on earth. In fact I am selling Nirvana homes in paradise so it is possible” COBZ, Founder of Global Harmony. COBZ is a stage name and an acronym for Corey O’Neil (his real name) and Boda Zapha. He is currently a licensed, bonded and insured REALTOR® and a partner in a construction company called Green Star Homes that sells “Nirvana” home plans to investors and home buyers in what many people consider to be paradise; Peachland BC located in the Okanagan of British Columbia Canada. Visit www.PeachlandIsParadise.com to learn more.

About the Global Harmony Symbol

For the human race to unite and show support for a peaceful and sustainable world the following Global Harmony symbol can be displayed by everyone on their social media, homes, vehicles, schools businesses regardless of race, religion or country:

The symbol when displayed represents that person’s, school’s, church’s or business’s support for anti-racism, non-violence, happiness for all, peace, compassion and harmony with the planet. “Having lived around the world I know the majority of people want Global Harmony, however,  it seems those who do not are more vocal. I believe we must begin Global Harmony by expansively promoting humanities desire; that we the majority desire peace and sustainability. May the day come soon when racism is distant memory and Global Harmony is in every country, every city, every home and soul.” COBZ, founder and guide

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Media Contact
Company Name: COBZ, Founder & Guide
Contact Person: Media Relations
Email: COBZ@GlobalHarmonyPlan.org
Phone: 1.250.575.1755
Address:6013 Ellison Ave. Peachland BC
Country: Canada
Website: http://www.GlobalHarmonyPlan.org