Airwheel R5 smart Citizen Electric Bike, a transport designed for cold winter

As a type of foldable transport, Airwheel R5 citizen e-bike is suitable for many occasions, like high streets, back lanes, subway, bus, office and trunk. The rich riding modes make it suitable for different seasons, especially winter. It not only satisfies different travels in this season, but also warms people up.

In cold winter, many people are reluctant to go out unless they have to. Actually, they just don’t have a type of right travel transport. Airwheel R5 citizen e-bike is one of great transports in this season. No matter what purpose people go out, it can help them. These days, Airwheel R5 citizen e-bike as well as other electric scooters are attending the world-famous EICMA, which lasts from Nov. 8th to Nov.13th. The booth No. is Hall 4, stand F50. Consumers will get more detailed information about Airwheel and its newest technological fruits.

 citizen e-bike

The unfolded Airwheel R5 electric assist bike is similar to bicycle. If observing carefully, people will find big differences between them. It is never an ordinary bicycle. In the very first place, people can fold or unfold it according to the practical need. For example, when people get to subway, they can fold it and put it in the exclusive bag. Can common bike do that? Speaking of power, it depends on riding mode. It has three main riding modes altogether, including exercising mode, electric mode and semi-electric mode.

electric assist bike

When it comes to exercising mode, it means that the power comes from physical strength, which is like riding bike. In cold winter, people just need to ride ten minutes at most and they will feel very hot. Speaking of electric mode, power is supplied by imported lithium-ion battery. If people feel hot or exhausted, they can switch to this mode. What is semi-electric mode? It offers 12 gears that are from 0 to 11. The power differs from the selected gear. Riders can choose the most suitable gear.

People won’t fear of cold wind in winter anymore, because Airwheel R5 electric assist bike will warm them up on the way. For different road and weather conditions, it always has excellent adaptability. More importantly, traffic jam won’t be the trouble for people, too. It makes winter travel unbelievable.


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