Server Open- A Web Hosting Guide for Beginners

USA— Before new webmasters build their first website, the initial step is choosing a web host. Webhosting is where website owners store their site files. They will provide a space for website files, website traffic, and extra useful services. In essence, webmasters are buying a storage unit, like someone would for things that can’t fit in their home. However, many webmasters struggle when deciding where to start, which is why Server Open provides a helpful web-hosting tutorial to get them started.

To make a website available to the World Wide Web, one first needs to choose a web host. Most new webmasters have trouble finding the right web host, or don’t know where to begin. First, one needs to decide which type of provider they prefer. For a first website, it is understandable to prefer free or cheap webhosting providers. However, users will see published ads and will be provided with no technical assistance. To help new webmasters make their choice, Server Open’s web hosting tutorial helps break down the four main types; shared hosting, cheap VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting.

Once the type of hosting to use has been chosen, it’s time to choose where to host the online project. Once the webmaster has compared a few hosting providers that meet the budget and tech requirements, they should check some of their customer feedback. Information is available in Google, Yahoo or specialized hosting directories. This is a good tool to help new webmasters see if the provider is reliable. Some important facts to consider before deciding include making sure the web host has sufficient technical assistance. While working on a website, questions arise: How to get started, how to upload files, etc. Most of the time, webmasters will need those questions answered immediately. The web host they use should provide 24/7 tech support assistance. Lastly, they need to ensure the support is technically competent.

When finalizing a web host search, webmasters make sure to check the Terms of Use for more details about what might be limited with web space and bandwidth, and they also make sure the hosting provider supports email, website tools, an E-commerce option, and a control panel.

ServerOpen’s Web Hosting Guide for Beginners will help users through all the steps of finding the right web hosting provider that fits their website’s needs. It gives them all the tools and knowledge they need to kick off their web-mastering journey.

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