If An Citizen eBike Is Ever Going to Hit It Big, It Will Be Airwheel R5

Electric bikes are awesome for getting around faster and less sweaty. Airwheel electric assist bike R5, with stylish design and considerate functions, will hit it big in the market.

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When people choose a suitable vehicle, weather conditions and road conditions may all be considered. Now, with an Airwheel electric assist bike R5, there is always a solution for unexpected situations ahead. Even taking into account the weather, hills, traffic, etc., it is still fair to say that electric assist bike is far more convenient in urban surroundings.

R5 electric moped bike

Firstly, traffic congestion is the most irritating thing daily commuters may face every day. In this respect, R5 electric moped bike will not be disturbed by the horrible traffic, since it runs on bicycle lane. With a small size, it can freely shuttle through the crowds. It can reach a maximum speed of 20 km/h. But riders can also set a speed limit to it through a customized app on the phone. Anyway, safety should always be placed in the first place.

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In the scorching summer, riding bikes is an exhausting and sweaty experience. Then people should try the electricity-assist mode of Airwheel R5. The 235 W powerful hub motor, integrating the electrical power drive system, transmission device and the electrical braking device to the wheels, offer more powerful and stable force. If it suddenly rains, it may sound like a disaster to electric bike riders. But R5 electric assist bike is an exception. It is light-weighted and can be fully folded. Riders can take it onto buses or metros without burden. The battery is also swappable. People can easily remove the Li-ion battery and store it in handbags. The Li-ion battery can then serve as a portable power source to charge smart phones. When riders going uphill, the electric folding bike can be shifted into the power-assistance mode, which allows riders to select power delivery based on condition. There is 0-11gears to choose. The motor will output different levels of energy to assist riders to pedal.

Set aside all the intelligent or electric functions, Airwheel citizen e-bike R5 is a pure bike, which can meet daily needs of bodybuilding. All these functions will make it a hit in the market.

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