Los Angeles, California – December 27, 2016:  The global launch of Ethan Carter’s new non-fictional masterpiece titled, The Force Is In You.  Published on 11th December 2016, is fast creating a new paradigm. Places you can get the book continue to grow now available worldwide in over 70 countries on most platforms including, Apple iBook, Amazon Kindle, and Smashwords.  Ethan Carter the George Lucas of Non-Fiction reveals new scientific discovery and discussed new concepts in life as human brought to light of what once was considered Sci-Fi – The Force is now NonFiction and discovered. We have all heard the expression if you believe hard enough and you can create wonders – The Force Is In You explains the science and mechanics behind “how” the universe makes manifestation work thus replacing faith with understanding. The Force is in You is a book that is bound to reform the future of humanity in massive ways as it helps in understanding the science of bio-magnetizm in everyone and explains using it to one’s own benefit.


The force is in you Book

The biggest book of 2017 is creating a lot of buzz already and with the new scientific insights in the book, The Force Is In You is set receive recognition in the non-fiction writer’s hall of fame. The book has the power to profoundly affect every human. The book discusses new concepts of powerful electrical force within every human being around their DNA that can be controlled and used to change lives and humanity for good. The Force is in You bind with the force around you the magnetic field of the planet this book boldly cites the beginning of a new era and names the era to follow BC and AD in history will be “CS” – Common Sense. The Force Is In You  has  already received a lot of attention on social media where people have shown deep interest in Carters  original quotes that inspire the reader to find out more about the revolutionary and deeply touching concept.  The force is in you book


“We now know our heart—the symbolic organ of life and the greatest electromagnetic organ in the world—radiates a 360° field of electricity about 8 feet around us, which we can today measure. Our skin has billions of receptors on it that can communicate with data present in the magnetic field of the Earth, and yes data is present in the field just as much as data is present in a WiFi signal to the computer. In turn, we can implicitly, intimately connect and communicate with the Earth’s and each other through the field because “The Force Is In You” 


The force is in you book

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