New Company Provides State of the Art Social Media Monitoring

Layer 8 Recon Specializes In Determining The Validity Of Online Information And Monitoring Personal As Well As Corporate Social Media Postings.

New York City—Honesty is essential in personal and professional relationships. With an online presence, it can be easy for a dishonest person to falsely represent themselves because there’s very little accountability. A new company, Layer 8 Recon, specializes in investigating online profiles and providing that accountability, letting clients know who is honest and who is not.

Layer 8 Recon provides Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigations for employers, parents, administrators, and legal professionals. The company’s team of experienced security specialists provides a valuable service in today’s online world ranging from helping parents monitor their children’s online activity to helping employers conduct corporate investigations on their employees’ online postings. “Social Media is becoming second nature to everyone,” said Layer 8 Recon owner Mike Everett. “We post every little detail about ourselves on the internet, which is something authority figures need to monitor.”

Much of the online world is at the fingertips of the layperson. A simple Google search or Facebook browsing can reveal several details, but the trained IT professionals at Layer 8 Recon utilize custom tactics and advanced search criteria in order provide not only a more thorough search but also a comprehensive report. “We have a multitude of custom made tools and leverage highly advanced search criteria in order to find targeted information on the web,” said Everett. “The internet never forgets what you post; just because you click the delete button doesn’t mean we can’t find it.”

Layer 8 Recon offers a full menu of services, including both corporate and personal varieties. Business owners can benefit from the company’s New Hire Validation, Reputational Risk, and Deep Web and Dark Web services while private individuals can take advantage of Layer 8 Recon’s Simple Character Check and Information Gathering services. And, specifically addressing parental control issues, the company offers a service to routinely check kids’ social media presences. “Parents need to know what their kids are posting on social media by routinely monitoring their web-based actions,” said Everett. “We can provide that constant vigilance with a concise but thorough report.”

From corporate to personal needs, Layer 8 Recon is qualified to help with all social media investigative needs.

About Layer 8 Recon

Layer 8 Recon specializes in investigating and extracting information from online sources and delivering that information comprehensively to its clients. Led by a team of highly trained IT security professionals, the company has conducted hundreds of social media investigations. As a Certified Social Media Intelligence Expert (CSMIE), Layer 8 Recon’s team relies on its two greatest assets – experience and knowledge – to deliver accurate and reliable information to its clients. For more information, visit


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