Panel Coder Software Technologies Pvt Ltd Received 50 Lakhs Funding

Bangalore, Karnataka – Panel Coder Software Technologies, a quality consulting service company offering information technology solutions, has received funding to continue and expand its services. The Bangalore software company provides services for projects involving various state-of-the-art technologies, in helping manage, design, support, and aid in implementations of technologies into business processes and activities.

Incorporating new technologies into business processes can be a difficult process if attempted without reliable professional aid. With the emergence of abundant new technologies globally, the expertise needed to transform businesses into those increasingly competitive within their niches is a necessary quality for a technology solutions service to possess. Finding such a service, however, to provide business solutions can be tricky. Reliability, expertise, and cost-effective service from a company can be difficult to find.

Panel Coder Software Technologies aims to eliminate this difficulty by providing clients with quality business solutions through their software and consulting services. The specialty of the software company is in aiding clients in their implementations of technology to enhance their core business processes. The company offers services that are based on site, offshore, as well as onsite-offshore.

With their recent additional funding of 50 lakhs, Panel Coder is more able than ever to provide high quality Information Technology solutions to their clients as they endeavor to transform their businesses through embracing technology in their projects. Focusing particularly on analysis, design, planning, and the managing of projects that require usage of various technologies, Panel Coder Software Technologies aims to provide business solutions that are efficient as well as cost-effective for clients. The specific offerings of the company include solutions from hardware to software, embedded systems to project assistance, and network to live remote-support.

Their innovative solutions have already helped multiple businesses improve their productivity through the encouragement of supporting enterprise applications. “The resources provided by Panel Coder improved our business’s performance remarkably,” one client says. “The expertise displayed by the company is also very impressive. They’ve been working in this for some time and really know their stuff.”

Working tirelessly to aid businesses looking to increasingly implement and utilize technologies within their core processes, Panel Coder provides business solutions borne out of expertise. The software company works with clients to provide cost-effective information technology software solutions and consulting services in ways that are innovative and shown to improve business productivity. With increased funding, now more than ever the company is equipped to offer their services through the help of their expert consultants.

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