Pedaling Airwheel E3 Smart electric mini bike during the height of fall foliage season

The fall foliage season with the blazing maples is one of nature’s wonders. It sounds good to take a ride outside with Airwheel E3 folding e bike. Find a recent weekend and hurry up to feel the ginkgo leaves falling.

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Parks, campus or streets are covered by ginkgo leaves during the fall foliage season. So they are the good places that most folks would like to go to. Each year many spectators will visit places of interest or nearby parks to spend their weekends or vacation. If you do not prefer to walk for the whole journey, Airwheel E3 folding e bike will be your most considerate vehicles to replace walking.

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During working days, E3 intelligent e bike always acts as the tool for going to work combined with public transporting vehicles such as undergrounds or buses. While during weekends or vacations, this smart e bike can be also of great help. Some college students love to ride E3 to appreciate the beautiful road scene piled by ginkgo leaves. Couples can promenade hand in hand to pass through a corridor by riding E3. Of course, office workers seize the time to relax with their beloved e bike.

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Due to the multiple folding system, E3 backpack electric bike can be turned into a small kit which can be stored into a customized backpack designed by Airwheel teams. This mini e bike with the size of 474mm×399mm×374mm after folding is very easy to be carried or parked in a narrow space. When you ride for a long while, you can still drag it like a suitcase as it is designed with idler wheels and operating rod for halting to play with those leaves.

Last but not the least, comfortable riding experience is one of the most important factors for users. Otherwise, it will ruin a journey. E3 electric folding bike adopts the separated left-right saddles for keeping balance of forth condition at hips. Plus, the headlight in front of E3 foldable e bike makes riders to know the road conditions even in dark environment so they can effectively keep away from roadblock to reduce risks. So make your pedals turn to join the spectators for appreciating falling leaves.

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