Airwheel Smart Electric Bikes Bring People Convenient Traveling

Living in the crowded city, you may look forward to enjoying the outside times by travelling. Perhaps, Airwheel has no way to shorten the cars but it brings more convenience to you by providing collapsible transporting vehicles.

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When you are trapped into finding parking space in the garage, have you ever thought that if there is a tool that can be carried with you? Although the cars are unable to be carried with you, the intelligent electric scooters under Airwheel can be really portable and help you to solve the parking problem effectively.

Firstly introduced is the E3 backpack electric folding bike which is suitable for city travelling. Airwheel E3 is an electric bike without chain structure, completely driven by wheel hub motor so it is labor-saving. The 8-inch size tires, with special anti-skidding tire treads, can cope with most of the city road conditions. The 300W high-performance customized wheel hub motor can also bring continuous and steady power to E3 and ensure the maximum riding speed of 20km/h and the maximum climbing angle of 30°.

intelligent e bike

Similar to E3, E6 foldable e bike also has no chain structure. Different from E3, E6 intelligent e bike shows like an X for its main frame. After poking the pin at the cross section of the main frame, it can be folded. And the mini size after folding makes it possible to be taken into underground, bus or car trunk. The improved saddle is more comfortable with the separated left-right design and this kind of saddle keeps the good ventilation. You will be the most fashionable passer-by by riding this bike.

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The above e bikes are completely driven by electricity while Airwheel R5 electric assist bike has three driven modes. When you plan to have a riding activity during weekends or vacation, R5 can finely meet up with the demand. Under the man-power ride mode, riders need to drive it by pedaling so it can be a kind of exercising. The electricity-only ride mode is the most labor-saving status which is helpful for easing exhaustion caused during the journey. Electric-assist mode has 11 gear levels available for allowing riders to experience by different strength.

Are such portable and stylish electric vehicles of Airwheel helpful in improving your current daily commute? Guess you must have your answers.

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