Talent Management Provider DeepTalent Releases Report Into Runaway Tech Employees

Talent Management provider DeepTalent has just released a new report showing to which companies employees of the biggest tech companies are going to. Competition is hotter than ever in the tech field, with almost all the companies on this list continuing to expand and thousands of other startups competing to snatch away their best talent to the less-restrictive confines of a small agile team.  To determine where employees are going, DeepTalent analyzed thousands of Linkedin records for people who have worked at one of these tech titans and then looked at where they immediately went next.

DeepTalent’s research found that, for many companies, their largest competitor is education. Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft employees were more likely to go back to education than to any other specific company. This was largely due to them taking an internship program and then going back to school to be a research or teaching assistant. In many cases, these very people then either returned to work at the place they interned for, or moved on to work for another tech titan. Another interesting find was the near revolving door between Google and Facebook, where an almost equal number of employees simply jump from one to the other. Given their co-location, Amazon and Microsoft are also engaged in a revolving door of employees.

All of the companies included provide competitive pay and generous benefits. With a short combined median tenure of 23 months, these tech titan employees are almost always on the move. Read the full report here: http://deeptalent.com/blog/poached-tech-employees-moving/

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