Airwheel Intelligent Electric Folding Bike Travel Gives Back A Little More Fresh Air to City

With the development of modern technology, air pollution has drawn the world’s attention and has become one of the world’s biggest environmental health risks. The winter is around the corner, which has brought smog back on public agenda. Less car travel can be helpful to this situation. To tackle air pollution and travel eco-friendly, Airwheel electric bike fares well under this condition. No exhaust emission, the travel with Airwheel electric bike can give back a little fresh air to our city.

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The worsening of air pollution has forced many countries to introduce measures to tackle the pollution problems. In order to create an environmental-friendly and safe world, some countries have set vehicular quotas and limit the car permits in number to control regional air pollution. The burden from air pollution on human health is also borne by the increasing car travels. The statistics suggest that air pollution is a major cause of lung cancers. Individually, we also can do some to improve this situation by traveling more echo-friendly. Traveling with Airwheel folding electric bike can reduce the burden of the air.

Airwheel backpack electric bike

Echo-friendly, Airwheel backpack electric bike is driven by the high performance Li-ion battery. Riders can achieve enough speed to get to destination with the powerful motor. Conventional bikes can also do good for the environment.

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But in the city life, we are always living in a high pace. Rushing for the working time or exhausted from the work, pedaling all the way to the office or home is adding more burden and sweat. Powered by electricity instead of the traditional gas, Airwheel electric walkcar will do zero pollution to pollution and more energy-saving.

Besides, riders can enjoy more fresh air by travelling Airwheel R5 electric citizen bike for weekend. Instead of driving a car, you can ride R5 to a park nearby or go shopping. Travelling in manpower-assisted mode, you can enjoy both a healthy and eco-friendly journey. Cycling in the green world of the park will not only do no harm to the environment, but also benefit to your respiratory health. Apart from the environment protection, Airwheel electric assist bike can be available for dozens of miles without recharge and meet your leisure and daily errands travels.

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