Local Laser Specialist Getting Special Results from Tattoo Removal Practice

RIVERSIDE, CA – 12/29/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Dr. Joon Rhee, a preventive medicine physician and diplomate of obesity medicine, performing non-surgical and minimally invasive aesthetic enhancement procedures, has been experiencing very high success rates in the realm of laser tattoo removal in California. Laser tattoo removal has been a widely practiced cosmetic procedure for decades now, which for many people beats the idea of previous extreme measures like microdermabrasion, excision, salabrasion, or even skin graft.

As a matter of fact, laser technology has made significant advances in the realm of tattoo removal and is the most widely practiced form of tattoo removal today. As tattoo removal technology has advanced, the lasers have also advanced from nanosecond (billionths of a second) technology to picosecond (trillionths of a second) technology. This means that tattoo removal lasers are more powerful and more efficient than ever.

Physicians like Dr. Rhee generally start with an initial consultation, communicating with their patients and clients in order to cultivate realistic expectations about what they can achieve as far as tattoo removal. Certain tattoos are more difficult than others to remove, especially when it comes to size or certain types of colors. Black and dark green are the easiest colors to remove, ironically enough. It is colors like yellow, purple, turquoise, as well as fluorescent dyes that are hardest to remove.

Dr. Rhee has been delivering exceptional quality work to his clients in Redlands. He is able to more fully remove difficult tattoos, and remove them faster than other practices using the latest in laser tattoo removal technology. Dr. Rhee’s practice, JWR Wellness Clinics, utilizes Cutera® Enlighten™, laser tattoo removal equipment that incorporates cutting edge technology, as well as the world’s first dual wavelength and dual pulse laser system. In short, this system is designed for treatment depth and speed. This technology can often be a quarter million dollar investment for practitioners who specialize in laser tattoo removal and other aesthetic enhancement procedures.

Where other specialists and tattoo removal services might take nearly a dozen treatments to achieve satisfactory results, Dr. Rhee’s practice is getting it done in 3-6 sessions. As more and more folks get tattoos, specialists like Dr. Rhee will be more and more in demand, unless we start living in a world where everybody is happy with their tattoos once the harsh light of day hits them. For those who wish to get rid of their tattoos in the quickest and most economical way possible might want to choose a physician who has a success rate like Dr. Rhee’s in Redlands.

About Dr. Rhee

Dr. Joon Rhee, MD, PhD is a board-certified preventive medicine physician and a diplomate of obesity medicine, who specializes in both minimally invasive and non-surgical aesthetic enhancement procedures in Redlands, CA. His practice, JWR Wellness Clinics specializes in helping patients and clients set and achieve realistic aesthetic enhancement goals that will promote wellness and overall confidence. His procedures are designed to work in tandem with a healthy, active lifestyle and sensible diet. For additional information, please visit http://www.tattooremovalriverside.com/

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