Grow Any Type of Plant Indoors with the Help of Truly ‘Green’ LED Lights from Growledlamp

Every Italian growing plants at home or even in a greenhouse now has access to top-quality LED lights that will boost the efficiency of their farm. LED lighting helps plants grow better and saves the user money, and Growledlamp provides a wide range of lamps to meet any need.

Greenhouses have existed for hundreds of years to allow farmers protect sensitive species and make money by growing out-of-season produce. Nowadays, everyone can enjoy a bit of organic farming by using basic hydroponic technology to grow almost anything directly inside their home.

The right kind of lighting is the key to success in this endeavor, and LED lights are definitely the best choice for this purpose. From now on, all Italians can purchase a growing LED lamp that will meet their exact requirements without even leaving the comfort of their home. Growledlamp provides a wide range of these tools and a reliable delivery service.

Are LED Lights the Best for Growing?

The superiority of LED lighting over incandescent and fluorescent bulbs cannot be argued. It’s a well-known and proven facts that LED lights have a higher luminous efficiency, longer lifespan, and a MUCH lower energy consumption rate.

CFLs might have been considered economy lights a few years back, but today LED is the definite leader as they double the energy efficiency. However, this isn’t the most important benefit of LED lights for growing.

The thing that makes them perfect for plant-life is the flexibility of the specter. In order to develop properly, a plant requires a specific cycle of light colors, which correspond to the level of heat. LED lamps for growing can be easily fitted (or are equipped by default) with specialized filters that allow recreating the perfect light cycle for any species of plant.

Green Lights for Greenhouses

Another huge advantage of LED lighting is that it’s truly ‘green’. It consumes less energy, which saves the owner lots of money. These lights also last over 40,000 hours more than an ‘efficient’ CFL bulb.

In addition, LED lights don’t emit any dangerous elements when they heat up, and they don’t contain toxic mercury. Add the fact that they aren’t sensitive to humidity, and it becomes obvious that it’s the perfect lighting system for any greenhouse.

LED lights for growing offered by Growledlamp range in size, power, and color filters. Therefore, everyone can find the perfect piece, no matter big or small. The company is rather flexible in their delivery and payment terms and one can always reach them through the Contact Us form, email (, or Skype (growledlamp).

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