Welcome Massage Parties and Customized Massage Therapy from the New Service in Texas

Soothing Escape, a new mobile massage therapy service in Plano, Texas offers all residents of Dallas, Plano, Frisco, and McKinney a chance to enjoy custom-tailored massages. The service also allows booking massage parties, creating an outstanding experience for the guests.

This year, Soothing Escape: Massage & Performance Therapy will be the largest participating group of mobile massage therapy with an abundant variety of therapists.

Directed by Alfred-Andrew Bowen (LMT# 109571), Soothing Escape is a performance based Plano massage practice providing mobile massage therapy for your convince in the Dallas / Fort Wort area, existing solely to enhance the performance of your body when operating in everyday activities.

Massage is a therapy that dates back thousands of years. During all this time it has proven to be extremely efficient in improving one’s health and assisting with recovery from physical injuries. There are dozens of massage techniques and each is amazing in its own way. Starting from now, residents of numerous Texas cities can enjoy custom treatments designed to meet their specific needs by booking a session with the Soothing Escape massage service.

Soothing Escape has taken the traditional practice and adapted it to the needs of the contemporary world. Their treatments provide noticeable results as the practitioner understands that every person is unique and develops a custom massage plan for every client. The service also offers a chance to enhance any celebration by organizing a massage party. This form of entertainment is sure to be remembered fondly by all the guests as it shows that the host of the event cares for their wellbeing as well as their fun.

Amazing Things Massage Therapy Can Do

Soothing Escape offers a wide range of massage services, including but not limited to:

  • Performance massage therapy.
    This practice allows correcting poor body mechanics developed by bad posture and other everyday habits. The muscles are re-educated to allow the patient achieve optimum health.
  • Sports massage.
    This type of procedure improves both the performance and recovery of an athlete.
  • Manual lymphatic drainage massage.
    This form of massage activates the lymphatic circulation, which is essential for maintaining the general wellbeing of the body.

In today’s world, massage therapy is mostly used for relieving backache, caused by the sedentary way of life. It’s also an incredibly effective stress relief practice and a proven way to speed up post-injury recovery. When performed by a qualified professional, this practice is both safe and effective. Most importantly, with a personalized treatment plan, every person, regardless of their age and general physical condition, can benefit from the positive effects of massage.

Whether looking for a McKinney massage or Frisco massage service, now everyone in these and other Texas cities can book a massage session from a certified practitioner online. Soothing Escape’s innovative service is to develop a custom program for every client, which is necessary to achieve the maximum benefits offered by massage therapy. To check out the Plano massage pricing and overall Services and Rates offered by this massage therapy center, visit their official website.

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Company Name: Soothing Escape
Contact Person: Alfred – Andrew Bowen
Email: SoothingEscape@MassageTherapy.com
Phone: (214) 669-0424
Address:1328 W. McDermott Dr. Suite 2
City: Allen
State: Texas
Country: United States
Website: http://soothingescape.massagetherapy.com/